The wife of a man who died allegedly as a result of complications from oral surgery to remove multiple teeth has sued a Springfield dentist for wrongful death.

On June 30, Althea Paris, wife of Charlie L. Paris, filed a complaint in Cook County Circuit Court against Aspen Dental and dentist Patrick Carroll, of Springfield.

According to the complaint, Carroll performed oral surgery on Charlie Paris on July 10, 2013, “for the extraction of numerous teeth.”

However, the complaint alleges Carroll, in beginning the extraction procedures, did not take into account Paris’ “high risk of developing medical complications resulting from oral surgery as a result of numerous and severe underlying medical conditions.”

Carroll died as a result of those complications 16 days later, the complaint states.

The complaint does not specify or describe those underlying medical conditions.

The complaint alleges Carroll “failed to obtain medical clearance” from a physician before beginning the procedure on “a patient with significant medical history;” failed to perform the surgery “in a hospital with the associated expertise of an anesthesiologist, trained auxiliary staff and emergency equipment;” and “inappropriately administered the medications Ketamine and Labetalol,” among other allegations.

The complaint seeks unspecified damages.

Althea Paris is represented in the action by attorney William C. Coughlin, of Worth.

Cook County Circuit Court Case No. 15-L-6662

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