Vision damage prompts patient to sue doctor over alleged malpractice

By Carol Ostrow | Jul 2, 2015

A woman filed suit against an eye specialist and her practice, claiming medical malpractice in a 2014 treatment.

Polina Grebelyuk brought a complaint against Lisa Young and Chicago Glaucoma Consultants Ltd., doing business as Chicago Glaucoma Consultants and CGC Eye Center of Chicago, in Cook County Circuit Court on June 30, alleging professional negligence in the January 2014 incident.

According to the filing, Dr. Young and a colleague examined and treated the plaintiff on Jan. 17 and Jan. 30, 2014, respectively. The suit states that the defendants knew that Grebelyuk had a history of Graves’ disease, which put the patient at risk for damage to or loss of vision; and that the patient presented with puffy eyelids and reported blurry vision and diplopia at her Jan. 30 appointment.

Court documents indicate that the plaintiff was treated for dry eyes and advised to return in six months. The plaintiff maintains that by Feb. 4, vision in her left eye had deteriorated severely and she was hospitalized to reduce inflammation and pressure in both eyes.

Asserting that her condition was caused by untreated ocular hypertension resulting from Graves’ disease, Grebelyuk alleges that the doctors were negligent in failing to dilate her eyes, diagnose and treat her condition, and refer her to a specialist.

The plaintiff maintains that she was forced to undergo surgery that could have been avoided, endured pain and suffering, lost the sight in her left eye, incurred medical expenses, and become permanently disabled.

Seeking damages in excess of $50,000 plus attorney’s fees and costs, she is represented by Lawrence Kream of Chicago and William S. Wojcik of Oak Lawn.

Cook County Circuit Court case number 2015L006669.

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