AndroGel maker linked to deep vein thrombosis

By Dan Harkins | Jul 24, 2015

A Massachusetts man is suing the maker of a testerone supplement, alleging it made him suffer a life-threatening condition.

A Massachusetts man is suing the maker of a testerone supplement, alleging it caused him to suffer a life-threatening condition.

William Young, of Chicopee, Mass., filed a lawsuit July 20 in Cook County Circuit Court against Abbvie Inc., alleging product liability, breach of express and implied warrant, negligence and negligent misrepresentation.

Abbvie, with headquarters in North Chicago, is the maker of the product AndroGel, a testosterone supplement advertised, the lawsuit states, as an effective treatment for hypogonadism and low testosterone. Instead, according to the complaint, AndroGel "causes serious medical problems, including life-threatening cardiac events, strokes and thrombotic events," among several other stated symptoms like blood pressure increases and hyperviscosity of the blood and platelet aggregation.

The plaintiff's attorneys illustrate the alleged problems with AndroGel through dozens of pages of research. After Young used AndroGel, the lawsuit states, he became physically impaired with deep vein thrombosis. Had Young know about the scientific disclosures that have come to light since AndroGel went on the market, he says he would not have sought that treatment.

Young seeks damages of more than $350,000, pre- and post-judgment interest and court costs. He is represented by attorney Gary D. McCallister of Gary D. McAllister & Associates in Chicago.

Cook County Circuit Court case number 2015L007359.

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