Couple seeks restitution for wife's injury due to an alleged tree stump hazard on a business property

By Mark Trammell | Sep 14, 2015

A couple seeks restitution for injury suffered after the wife fell due to an alleged hazard caused by a tree stump on a business property.

Donna and Glenn Christian Teer filed suit on Sept. 9 in Cook County Circuit Court, Law Division against Cole XP Schaumburg IL LLC, Experian Marketing Solutions Inc., Franklin American LLC and The Brickman Group Ltd. LLC.

According to the complaint, the defendants own and operate a business building and the land surrounding said building at 955 American Lane, Schaumburg. Donna Teer visited the property on Sept. 23, 2013, and allegedly tripped and fell on a stump in the area leading from the parking lot to the sidewalk into the building itself. The stump was allegedly in an area that was deceptively made to appear suitable for walking upon and was allegedly camouflaged by the surrounding mulch, further making it a hazard to anyone walking by, which it was the job of the owners to maintain and make safe, according to the complaint.

There was also no warning signs to make visitors aware of the potential hazard, though such warning signs were later put in place, the complaint states. This hazard allegedly led to the plaintiff injuring herself, requiring multiple surgeries on her leg, incurring multiple medical expenses in the process, which she will continue to in the future. She also has suffered pain of the body and mind, disfigurement, disability in the past and future, and loss of normal life and wages, according to the complaint.

The plaintiff seeks judgment for an amount of more than $50,000 and further relief for court costs and attorney fees as the court deems proper. Her husband seeks damages for the loss of her services, and such like-minded consortium, and also seeks in excess of $50,000, plus court costs and attorney fees as the court deems proper.

The plaintiff is being represented by Andrew J. Kriegel and Paul W. Grauer of Paul W. Grauer & Associates of Schaumburg.

Cook County Circuit Court, Law Division case number is 2015-L-009208.

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