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Judge: Cops not required to include personal 'private info' on public crash reports to lawyers seeking clients

By Jonathan Bilyk | May 15, 2019

Lawyers who use police accident reports to find clients and drum up business can’t use state open records laws to force police departments to provide addresses and insurance policy numbers for people involved in traffic crashes, a Cook County judge has ruled.

Doctors' group says NFL shut down payments for retired players' care to hide disability, brain injury

By Jonathan Bilyk | May 2, 2019

A scrum between a Chicago area medical group and the National Football League has touched down in Chicago’s courts, with the operators of the clinics accusing the NFL of leaning on insurers to cut their payments after the clinicians began to side with retired players seeking disability status for brain injuries and other maladies.

Lawsuit accuses owner of SUV for leaving his car running, allowing it to be stolen, crashed, killing woman

By Carrie Bradon | Apr 4, 2019

A woman is seeking damages following the death of her daughter who was killed in a car accident.

Lawsuit alleges The Estates of Hyde Park's neglect of former resident resulted in falls, injuries

By Marian Johns | Apr 4, 2019

The administrator of a deceased Illinois woman's estate is suing The Estates of Hyde Park long term nursing care facility over allegations of neglect.

Lawsuit accuses The Villa nursing home of not preventing woman's choking death

By Carrie Bradon | Mar 29, 2019

A complaint accuses a Chicago nursing home over the choking death of a female patient with dementia.

Beecher nursing home sued over woman's death

By Carrie Bradon | Mar 28, 2019

A woman's death has been blamed in part on the alleged negligence of personnel at a Beecher nursing home.

Lawsuit: Manorcare Libertyville allowed fall, injured leg, leading to wrongful death

By Carrie Bradon | Mar 27, 2019

A man is suing an assisted living facility, alleging negligence by the facility's healthcare team contributed to a loved one's death.

Man says Fireplace Inn didn't prevent attack by allegedly drunken patron

By Carrie Bradon | Mar 27, 2019

A man is suing the Fireplace Inn tavern, saying they didn't protect him from being attacked and thrown to the ground by another drunk patron.

Lawsuit: Woman fell, broke hip, leading to wrongful death at Presence Villa Scalabrini

By Carrie Bradon | Mar 27, 2019

A man is suing an assisted living facility, alleging that a loved one suffered a fall, contributing to her death.

Lawsuit claims Evanston rehab facility overdosed man with pain killers, sedatives

By Carrie Bradon | Mar 26, 2019

A man is suing an Evanston rehabilitation facility, alleging the facility's negligence contributed to a relative's death.

Lawsuit: Woman suffered stroke after doctor allegedly told her to stop taking a medication

By Carrie Bradon | Mar 26, 2019

A woman is suing a medical team and hospital, alleging that she suffered a stroke when she was told to not take a medication.

Trial lawyer: Design flaw makes e-cigarettes dangerous

By Cook County Record Submission | Feb 28, 2019

Though e-cigarettes are being marketed as a safer alternative to tobacco smoking, design flaws in the products can cause severe injuries or even kill their users, an attorney representing several plaintiffs in personal-injury cases said.

Woman claims Mayfield Care Center failed to provide adequate care, leading to her mother's death

By Bree Gonzales | Feb 21, 2019

A woman is suing Mayfield Health Center, alleging the long-term care facility improperly cared for her mother, contributing to her mother's death.

Advocate Christ Medical Center allegedly enrolled unqualified patient in medical trial

By Jenie Mallari-Torres | Feb 12, 2019

A woman is suing Advocate Christ Medical Center and others medical providers, alleging they enrolled another woman in a medical trial despite her not meeting study criteria.

Glenview Terrace Nursing Center named in wrongful death lawsuit

By Jenie Mallari-Torres | Jan 29, 2019

A man is suing Glenview Terrace Nursing Center and Advocate Medical Group, alleging negligence and wrongful death.

Woman alleges broken ankle from slip-and-fall on ice, snow at Chicago shopping center

By Jenie Mallari-Torres | Jan 16, 2019

A woman alleges she broke her ankle in a fall at a Chicago shopping mall because of snow and ice in the lot.

Man alleges he was injured in attack by teens at Logan Square Burger King

By Noddy A. Fernandez | Jan 16, 2019

A patron of a Chicago Burger King alleges he was injured when he was attacked by teens while attempting to exit the restaurant.

Cary man alleges battery purchased at Vapor Place exploded while in pocket

By Bree Gonzales | Jan 15, 2019

A Cary consumer alleges he was injured when a lithium-ion battery exploded while in his pocket.

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