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United Continental pilots' class action suit vs their union should survive, judge says

By DM Herra | Jun 4, 2019

A federal judge has grounded an airline pilots’ union’s efforts to dodge a class-action lawsuit by arguing the claims brought by the suit expired while the case was on appeal, and the class action over pay owed to pilot instructors will continue.

Ceridian, Becton Dickinson targeted under new class actions for supplying fingerprint scanning ID tech to employers

By Jonathan Bilyk | May 29, 2019

Ceridian, one of the country’s largest human resources services vendors, and Becton Dickinson, one of the largest makers of medical technology, have become the latest big targets of class action lawsuits under an Illinois biometric information privacy law.

Class action accuses NorthShore Health of allegedly placing liens instead of billing patient insurance, Medicare

By Charmaine Little | May 28, 2019

A class action lawsuit has accused NorthShore University Health System of incorrectly filing liens against people instead of properly billing their insurance and Medicare.

High rise manager Jones Lang LaSalle can't toss tenant's racketeering class action over 'union-only rule'

By Jonathan Bilyk | May 28, 2019

An ex-tenant in a Loop office building run by Jones Lang LaSalle has won the chance to continue its class action lawsuit against the property management company, accusing JLL of illegally conspiring with unions to run a racket forcing tenants to use union labor, rather than less expensive non-union contractors, for renovations and other work.

Man OK'd promo texts, but got more than company said would send, so lawsuit OK, judge says

By Karen Kidd | May 27, 2019

Plaintiffs' lawyers may have found a new avenue to sue businesses over marketing texts, now that a federal judge gave the green light to a class action from a man who said he received more text messages than he agreed to.

Labor, employment attorney offers tips for Illinois businesses to reduce risk of BIPA class actions

By Karen Kidd | May 16, 2019

Illinois employers who collect biometric information on their employees may have good reason to be on edge following a state appellate court's decision last month to side with employees in a class action against an upscale Chicago hotel.

Pet insurance companies to settle robocall suit for $5.5 million, lawyers get $2 million

By Dan Churney | May 14, 2019

A Florida man is seeking judicial approval of a $5.5 million settlement in a putative class action against a pair of suburban Chicago pet insurance companies, who allegedly sent unlawful robocalls to pet adopters, which would give almost $2 million to plaintiff's attorneys and less than $100 to each class member.

Mariano's managers can continue with OT pay lawsuit vs supermarket chain

By John Breslin | May 13, 2019

Employees of supermarket chain Mariano's, owned by Kroger, can move forward with their collective action over claims they were misclassified under fair labor laws and not paid owed overtime.

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A class action law firm was set up to punish its own client financially, thanks to clause in contract

By John O'Brien | May 10, 2019

INDIANAPOLIS (Legal Newsline) – A Chicago class action law firm used a contract that would have left its client liable for thousands in attorneys fees if she chose to settle her case against its wishes.

Overcharged Cook County taxpayers can't sue county in federal court over inflated assessments

By Scott Holland | May 2, 2019

A federal judge said he isn’t allowed to take jurisdiction over a lawsuit in which Cook County property owners claimed their property tax bills were falsely inflated so other properties could be underassessed and pay less.

Class action: Union must refund millions in unconstitutional fees taken from non-union IL state workers

By Jonathan Bilyk | May 1, 2019

A group of non-union Illinois state employees say their union illegally forced them to continue paying fees to the union, even when the union knew the fees were likely to be declared unconstitutional. Now, those workers have asked a federal judge to order the union to refund the money.

Institute for Justice class action: Chicago car impound system unconstitutional 'racket'

By Jonathan Bilyk | Apr 30, 2019

The city of Chicago has been hauled into court over its towing and vehicle impoundment practices, accused of forcing “even innocent (car) owners” to navigate a “labyrinthine” system that particularly hammers those who can least afford it and can illegally cost "innocent owners" tens of thousands of dollars or even their cars.

Lawyer: Illinois businesses should take steps to limit BIPA liability after reform legislation fails

By Karen Kidd | Apr 30, 2019

Businesses in Illinois should be taking steps to protect themselves against class action lawsuits after the Illinois state Senate missed a deadline to amend a state biometrics privacy law, a labor and employment attorney said.

Federal court grants default judgment against 'prophet' who's made millions from millions of robocalls

By Scott Holland | Apr 29, 2019

A federal judge has entered a default judgment against a self-identified "prophet" who is accused of profiting mightily from his use of robocalls, in violation of federal telecommunications laws.

Class action: KraftHeinz allowed investors on board to insider trade, dodge billions in stock losses

By Jonathan Bilyk | Apr 26, 2019

KraftHeinz has been hit with a class action brought by a group of investors who accuse the company of allowing one of its leading investors to engage in insider trading, using information not available to other investors to avoid billions of dollars in losses to the value of the company’s stock.

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