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Appeals panel: $10M arbitrator’s class award invalid; Arbitration should have involved 1, not 175 employees

By Dan Churney | Oct 25, 2018

A Chicago federal appellate court has struck down a $10 million arbitration award to loan officers in a class action against Waterstone Mortgage, which alleged the company shorted officers on overtime pay, saying arbitration should only have involved the plaintiff, not another 174 employees who joined the action.

Judge OKs $3.75M deal to settle class action accusing Blue Cross parent over mental health claims

By DM Herra | Oct 25, 2018

A class-action suit alleging Health Care Service Corporation, the parent company of health insurance behemoth Blue Cross Blue Shield, improperly refused to pay for mental health services, has ended in a $3.75 million settlement. Attorneys will receive $1.13 million.

Class action vs YMCA over evictions thwarted by missing agreement for man participating in Chicago city program

By Scott Holland | Oct 19, 2018

A man who participated in a Chicago city program for the homeless failed to prove he was a YMCA tenant under Chicago’s landlord ordinance, losing the opportunity to continue a class action suit against the Y over evictions, a state appeals panel has ruled.

Lawsuit: Northbrook Bank & Trust 'lent ... air of legitimacy' to $9M Crescent Ridge funds Ponzi scheme

By Scott Holland | Oct 18, 2018

Northbrook Bank & Trust has been named as a defendant in a class action involving an alleged $9 million Ponzi scheme.

NorthShore says antitrust class action, accusing of overcharges, has no qualified representative

By Dan Churney | Oct 15, 2018

NorthShore University Health System wants a judge to strip the class-action status from an antitrust lawsuit against the hospital chain, which alleges NorthShore’s acquisition of a suburban hospital rubbed out competition and jacked up prices for patients, saying the sole remaining class representative has no standing to push the suit, because he suffered no injury.

Fired workers say Treasure Island Foods owes them 60-days pay after abrupt store closures

By Jonathan Bilyk | Oct 12, 2018

A group of employees of Chicago’s recently shuttered Treasure Island supermarket chain have delivered their former employer with a class action lawsuit, accusing the company of violating their rights under state and federal laws entitling them to either a 60-day notice that the company was closing its doors, or a check equivalent to 60 days’ pay and other owed benefits.

Class action: Intoxalock tried to enforce invalid contracts, force thousands in fees to remove car ignition lock devices

By Scott Holland | Oct 11, 2018

A driver who uses a court-ordered ignition interlock system filed a class action complaint over what he said are exorbitant fees to have the device removed.

Class action: Eventbrite, Ticketfly customers not properly notified of massive data breach

By Bree Gonzales | Oct 11, 2018

An Eventbrite customer alleges the company failed to individually notify more than 25 million customers of a data breach that occurred in May.

Final OK sought for $12.5M deal to end 6-yr class action vs cruise lines over robocalls; attorneys ask $3.1M

By Jonathan Bilyk | Oct 11, 2018

After sorting through a blizzard of more than 2 million claims, including many that “were likely fraudulent,” lawyers on both sides of a massive class action over vacation marketing robocalls have asked a judge to sign off on a $12.5 million deal to end the six-year-old litigation, under which about 275,000 approved claimants could get a share of $6 million, and plaintiffs’ lawyers could get more than $3.1 million.

Class action: Apartment Management Consultants, landlords didn't offer Chicago ordinance summary in lease

By Bree Gonzales | Oct 9, 2018

A Chicago resident has brought a class action complaint against a property management company, alleging a lease he was offered in 2017 did not include current documentation required by the city.

Class action: LaCroix beverages not 'all natural,' include additives also used in insecticide, cancer treatments

By Scott Holland | Oct 5, 2018

The makers of popular LaCroix Sparkling Waters are facing a class action complaint accusing it of falsely labeling their drinks as “all natural,” asserting the beverages contain such additives as those included in roach poison and cancer drugs.

Judge won't let class action proceed vs American Air over cancelled reservations for not early enough check-ins

By Scott Holland | Oct 4, 2018

A federal judge has granted American Airlines’ request to reject a class action complaint accusing it of violating contracts by canceling reservations for passengers who don’t check in an hour before their scheduled departure.

Class action: Ticketmaster double dips on ticket sale fees, encouraging online ticket resale scalping

By Scott Holland | Oct 3, 2018

Ticketmaster is facing a federal class action complaint over a practice that allegedly incentivizes online scalpers.

Judge nixes $17.5M deal in collection calls class action vs Ocwen, says attorney fees too high

By Jonathan Bilyk | Oct 2, 2018

Saying lawyers for the plaintiffs need to “drastically” reduce their $5.8 million fee request to make it "conceivable" to win his approval, a federal judge has rejected a $17.5 million settlement intended to end a class action lawsuit against debt collector Ocwen Loan Servicing over claims the company violated federal law when it called millions of debtors.

Judge: Not enough proof Pur Luv treats caused dog injuries, deaths to let class action vs Sergeants march on

By Scott Holland | Sep 26, 2018

A federal judge has declined to allow a class action lawsuit to move forward, which places blame for dog deaths and injuries on Sergeant’s Pur Luv treats, saying plaintiffs did not present enough evidence showing the treats are unsafe.

Class action challenges legality of more than 2 million Chicago red light camera tickets

By Scott Holland | Sep 25, 2018

Despite a major settlement earlier this year, the city of Chicago is facing further legal action over the validity of its red light camera program.

Class action: Amcor Plastics violated IL privacy law by scanning employeee fingerprints

By Cook County Record | Sep 18, 2018

Packaging maker Amcor Rigid Plastics USA is among the latest companies to be hit with a class action lawsuit alleging they violated an Illinois biometrics privacy law by improperly scanning their workers' fingerprints.

Consumers accuse National Gas & Electric of intrusive and unwanted calls

By Jenie Mallari-Torres | Sep 16, 2018

Consumers have filed a class action lawsuit against National Gas & Electric of Texas citing alleged violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) , claiming the company made intrusive and unwanted calls.

Class action accuses KeyMe of retaining customers' biometric info without permission

By Jenie Mallari-Torres | Sep 13, 2018

A class action lawsuit has been filed against KeyMe Inc. for allegedly retaining the biometric information of customers without their consent.

Lawsuit: Bristol-Myers Squibb failed to disclose Abilify can cause compulsive behavior

By Noddy A. Fernandez | Sep 13, 2018

A group of Illinois residents are suing Bristol-Myers Squibb for allegedly failing to disclose to consumers that the prescription drug Abilify allegedly can cause compulsive behaviors.

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