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Judge OKs $6.6M deal to end class action vs CHA over tenant utility fees; lawyers get $1.3M

By Scott Holland | Sep 6, 2018

A federal judge has signed off on a $6 million deal to end a class action accusing the Chicago Housing Authority of improperly estimating utility fees.

CTA sued over intoxicated passenger's death after being left on bus in terminal

By Noddy A. Fernandez | Sep 6, 2018

A surviving relative is suing the Chicago Transit Authority, alleging employees did not do enough to prevent an intoxicated passenger's injuries

Lawsuit: City of Harvey, man ID'd as mayor's brother, harassed businesses; Alderman: Lawsuit a 'scare tactic'

By Scott Holland | Sep 5, 2018

The city of Harvey and a man identified as the brother of the mayor, who may or may not be a police officer, are facing a lawsuit from two businesses alleging city officials conducted harassing inspections and improperly seized vehicles, among other disciplinary action.

Bandas firm offers to be barred from practicing law in IL to end Edelson suit over 'serial objectors'

By Jonathan Bilyk | Sep 5, 2018

A Texas-based law firm accused of improperly using proxy Illinois attorneys to covertly manage lawsuits in Illinois intended to allegedly essentially extort payments from other lawyers trying to close out class action settlements, has agreed to accept a court order barring them from practicing law in Illinois.

Court-appointed federal monitor: Oversight of Cook County hiring practices no longer needed

By Dan Churney | Sep 4, 2018

A court-appointed monitor of Cook County patronage is asking a federal judge to release her from her oversight duties, saying she believes the county’s government has undergone “profound transformation” in its employment practices and has a culture in place to keep politics from unduly influencing who gets county jobs and who doesn’t.

Business partners accused of fraud and breach of contract following man's death

By Noddy A. Fernandez | Sep 4, 2018

The estate of Andrzej Niewolik is suing Niewolik's business partners, citing alleged breach of contract, fraud and unjust enrichment.

Apple latest tech firm to challenge Chicago's 'Netflix tax,' says tax on streaming media illegal

By Scott Holland | Sep 4, 2018

Apple has joined a host of other tech companies suing the city of Chicago over its so-called “Netflix tax” levied on streaming media.

Judge: Union largely within free speech rights to target Ameristar Casino patrons over boycott

By Scott Holland | Sep 1, 2018

A federal judge in Chicago has weighed in again on the issue of whether workers at Indiana’s Ameristar Casino put undue pressure on patrons as part of an ongoing dispute, dismissing more allegations a union illegally harassed casino patrons to coerce them to participate in a union-sponsored boycott as part of a labor dispute with the casino.

Judge denies Chicago Fraternal Order of Police request to join lawsuit on police reform

By Elizabeth Alt | Aug 30, 2018

A federal judge has denied a motion brought by the union representing Chicago's police officers to intervene as a party in litigation, in an attempt to limit the scope of a settlement agreement between the state of Illinois and the city of Chicago mandating reforms for the Chicago Police Department, to address allegations officers discriminate against African American and Latino city residents.

Marriott International sues Tech Exec Networks for alleged unpaid bills

By Jenie Mallari-Torres | Aug 29, 2018

Marriott Marquis Chicago is suing Tech Exec Networks Inc., alleging the Georgia-based corporation failed to pay an outstanding bill of more than $50,000 for sleeping rooms, banquet food and other services.

Highland Crossing Condo Association accuses former employee, residents of defamation

By Bree Gonzales | Aug 29, 2018

The Highland Crossing Condominium Association is alleging defamation and seeking more than $75,000 in damages in a lawsuit filed against a former employee and several residents.

Judge grounds workers' class action vs Southwest over fingerprint scans, says subject to union talks

By Scott Holland | Aug 29, 2018

A federal judge has dismissed a class action lawsuit accusing Southwest Airlines of violating employees’ privacy rights, saying the dispute instead should be subject to union negotiations.

Judge: Failure to break out fees, other 'miscellaneous charges' made initial collection letter 'misleading'

By Mary Ann Magnell | Aug 27, 2018

Saying the debt collector's letter was "materially misleading," a Chicago federal judge has given the green light to a lawsuit brought by a woman who accused a collection firm of failing to itemize fees and other charges tacked on to an alleged debt owed to a car rental company.

Cook County judge: County's guns, ammo tax an 'inconsequential burden,' doesn't violate constitutions

By Scott Holland | Aug 27, 2018

A Cook County judge has ruled the county’s guns and ammunition tax doesn’t violate the Constitution or the rights of firearm owners, saying the tax is little more than an “inconsequential burden” on gun owners.

Settlements end diamond wholesalers' fraud, defamation disputes; lawyer accused of 'extortion ring'

By Jonathan Bilyk | Aug 24, 2018

A legal dispute, in which one diamond wholesaler allegedly falsely accused another of fraud, has ended in a settlement to resolve a potential multi-million dollar defamation lawsuit, amid accusations the plaintiff in the original fraud suit was acting in coordination with an attorney facing a racketeering action over claims he has participated in an alleged scheme to use alleged fraud lawsuits to allegedly pressure jewelers into settlements.

Better Government Association says Chicago withholding documents related to O'Hare Express project

By Noddy A. Fernandez | Aug 24, 2018

The Better Government Association is suing the city of Chicago, alleging the mayor's office has refusted to provide requested records concerning the proposed development of a high speed rail line to O'Hare International Airport.

Pharma defendants seek to kick suburbs' opioid suits to federal court; Say center on federal drug control questions

By Jonathan Bilyk | Aug 23, 2018

Saying the lawsuit raises legal questions that shouldn't be dealt with in state court, one of the country’s largest pharmaceutical distributors – and one that stands as a defendant in many of the lawsuits now pending in courts across the country over the so-called opioid epidemic – has asked a federal judge to prevent a group of Chicago suburban communities from suing an array of drug manufacturers and distributors in Cook County Circuit Court.

Northwestern basketball player Vassar sues university, says defamation cost him scholarship, transfer

By Bree Gonzales | Aug 22, 2018

Former Northwestern University basketball player John Vassar has sued the university, saying the university defamed him and cost him his scholarship and the ability to transfer to another school to continue playing college basketball.

Grecian Delight says insurer refuses to pay more than $12M in claims from Elk Grove plant explosion

By DM Herra | Aug 22, 2018

Elk Grove-based Greek food maker Grecian Delight has filed suit against its insurance company, claiming an insurer is crippling the company by refusing to pay out millions in claims after an explosion crippled the company’s food processing facility.

Potential penalties loom for employers who fail to withhold worker pay under Secure Choice

By Dani Hemmat | Aug 21, 2018

Illinois’ new retirement savings program, Illinois Secure Choice, is scheduled to begin its first wave of enrollments in November. And employers should be aware of potential legal penalties should they fail to comply with withholding requirements.

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