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Appeals panel: Sticky questions remain over patent for tech used to produce key ingredient for breeding dairy cows

By Cook County Record | Feb 13, 2019

A federal appeals panel has weighed in on a sticky case that centers on the question of who can corral the market for "sexed" bull semen, and whether a would-be competitor violated a confidentiality agreement in attempting to use trade secrets to horn in on the game of producing dairy cows.

Appeals panel: 'Chiropractic maneuver' claim won't trump member agreement terms in suit vs Capital Fitness

By Cook County Record | Feb 12, 2019

A state appeals panel has closed the door on a woman's attempt to sidestep a clause in her membership agreement, and still sue her fitness club and her personal trainer for a back injury she suffered, claiming the trainer had engaged in an improper "chiropractic maneuver."

Appellate court: Chicago fire pension board wrong to deny disability pension to paramedic with PTSD

By D.M. Herra | Feb 12, 2019

A state appeals court has ordered a Chicago firefighters' pension board to award a paramedic a duty disability pension equal to 75 percent of her salary after a little over five years on the job, because they said the board ignored evidence the paramedic had suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder.

Appeals court ends bank examiner's try to sue bank for icy slip-and-fall injuries

By Chandra Lye | Feb 11, 2019

A state appeals court has turned aside a bank examiner's attempt to sue a bank and snow removal company over a slip-and-fall in a bank parking lot that knocked her unconcious nearly five years ago.

Appeals panel: Zillow's 'Zestimate' online home value estimations just opinion, not illegal appraisals

By Scott Holland | Feb 11, 2019

A federal appeals panel has upheld a federal judge’s decision to end a lawsuit accusing Zillow of breaking state consumer fraud laws when it uses its “Zestimates” to assign values to homes across the country.

Appeals court: City of Zion, IL Liquor Commission wrongly cited restaurant for not enough seats to serve alcohol

By John Breslin | Feb 8, 2019

A restaurant in north suburban Zion did not violate a local ordinance that requires 50 seats in a restaurant in order for alcohol to be served, an appeals court has affirmed.

Man who says was wrongly jailed can continue unlawful detention claim vs Chicago: Appeals court

By John Breslin | Feb 8, 2019

A former Cook County Jail inmate who claims he was unlawfully detained based on alleged false testimony by police officers can move forward with a claim his constitutional rights under the Fourth Amendment were violated.

IL Supreme Court: Appeals court wrongly let ex-Normal cops off hook in man's lawsuit over murder conviction

By Scott Holland | Feb 8, 2019

The Illinois Supreme Court will allow a man to continue with his lawsuit against a group of downstate police detectives for allegedly helping to lead the effort to wrongly convict him of murder.

Class action vs Allstate over rates can continue; Company, not state, set rates, appeals court says

By Dan Churney | Jan 31, 2019

In a split decision, an Illinois appeals panel has stripped Allstate Insurance of its defenses against a class action, which alleged the company unfairly billed long-term auto policyholders more than it charged new ones, saying Illinois insurers can’t protect their rates from lawsuits, because their rates are not controlled by the Illinois Department of Insurance.

Expert testimony not needed to use car damage pics to counter personal injury claims: IL Supreme Court

By Jonathan Bilyk | Jan 31, 2019

Photos of damage to cars that have been involved in a crash, even without accompanying expert analysis, can be used at trial to combat a personal injury claim brought by one of the people involved in the crash, Illinois’ highest state court has ruled.

Appellate court affirms dismissal of amended lawsuit over cyclist's death on Aurora bike trail

By Karen Kidd | Jan 30, 2019

A state appeals court has declined to revive the fifth try at a lawsuit filed over the 2015 death of a Des Plaines woman who died while bicycling on an Aurora bike trail.

IL Supreme Court: Court order tops FOIA in dispute over Daley grand jury materials

By Dana Herra | Jan 30, 2019

In finding a government watchdog group can’t get access to grand jury materials involving former Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley in the manslaughter case against the mayor’s nephew, the Illinois Supreme Court has declared a court order to seal grand jury documents will trump the state’s Freedom of Information Act.

Appeals court: Illinois authorities have final say in action over dumping of acid in spent wells

By Karen Kidd | Jan 29, 2019

Two Colorado energy producers whose dumping of acidic waste into wells in Illinois has been turned back by multiple state courts can't expect federal courts to take up their cause, a federal appeals court has said.

Northern League whiff in suit vs lawyers over league exit fees may help settle key 'transactional question'

By Gabriel Neves | Jan 28, 2019

A state appeals court's decision in the legal action brought by a defunct minor league baseball league against its former lawyers may help to settle a so-called "transactional question" at the heart of certain legal malpractice cases, an attorney who represented the lawyers said.

IL appeals court: No need to show FedEx harmed anyone to press class action over card digits on receipt

By D.M. Herra | Jan 28, 2019

A state appellate panel says a woman doesn’t need to show she or anyone else was actually harmed when too many of her credit card numbers were printed on a receipt, and will allow her class action lawsuit against FedEx to resume.

IL Supreme Court: Ex-wife can't use past temp injunction to stop husband's sons from getting his IRA

By Scott Holland | Jan 28, 2019

The Illinois Supreme Court says a man had the right to name his children the rightful heirs of his retirement funds, even though his ex-wife contended a court order in place during divorce proceedings should have prevented it.

IL Supreme Court: No actual harm needed to sue businesses for scanning fingerprints, other biometric IDs

By Jonathan Bilyk | Jan 25, 2019

The Illinois Supreme Court says an Illinois privacy law doesn’t require plaintiffs to prove they were actually harmed before suing businesses and others who scan and store their fingerprints or other so-called biometric identifiers. And the decision will give a green light to dozens of class action lawsuits already pending against businesses of all sizes in the state’s courts, with even more likely to follow.

Appeals court: Age discrimination protections apply only to employees, not job applicants

By Scott Holland | Jan 23, 2019

A majority of the en banc U.S. Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals has determined federal age discrimination protections should apply only to those people currently employed, and do not extend to job applicants.

Chicago Heights wins new chance to sue insurers to cover settlement for man exonerated of murder charge

By D.M. Herra | Jan 23, 2019

Chicago Heights has another chance at getting a pair of insurance companies to foot the bill for a portion of a settlement to a man who was wrongfully convicted of a 1993 murder.

Seventh Circuit: Markham church should be allowed to sue city over conditional zoning permit rules

By Scott Holland | Jan 22, 2019

A federal appeals panel says a federal judge took the wrong angle in a zoning dispute between a church and suburban Markham, finding the judge should have allowed the small church to press its claims the city’s zoning regulations for churches are illegal.

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