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Irish bank can't be sued in U.S. court over loans made in Chicago Spire negotiations

By Dan Churney | Mar 19, 2019

A federal judge on March 14 ruled an Irish national bank cannot be sued by a development company for allegedly sabotaging the Chicago Spire skyscraper project by selling off the company's loans.

Former Chicago Spire developer demands Irish banking agency pay $1.2B for torpedoing skyscraper project

By Jonathan Bilyk | Feb 28, 2018

A real estate development firm that had traveled the world, selling the idea of luxury condos high above downtown Chicago in what was to be one of the biggest additions to Chicago’s iconic skyline in decades, is now asking a federal judge in Chicago to order a publicly-funded Irish national banking agency to pay out $1.2 billion for allegedly torpedoing the planned Chicago Spire project out of “bad blood” and “spite,” leaving Irish taxpayers holding the bag and a giant hole in the ground in Chicago.

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