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The Valley at Victory Lakes allegedly failed to prevent woman from developing pressure sores

A woman is suing The Valley at Victory Lakes and Franciscan Sisters of Chicago Service Corporation for alleged negligence.

Oak-Leyden Developmental Services Inc. accused of negligence after employee allegedly committed sexual assault

A mother is suing Oak-Leyden Developmental Services Inc. for alleged negligence.

Man sues convenience store after security guard allegedly shot him in front of store

A man is suing Solid Gold Food & Liquor Inc. and Challenge Discount Inc. for alleged negligence.

Casey Equipment Company, VT LeeBoy Inc. accused of negligence after fatal paver accident

A widow is suing Casey Equipment Company Inc. and VT LeeBoy Inc. for alleged negligence and liability in connection with her husband's death in an accident on a construction site.

Casdan Inc. allegedly was forced to move after law firm failed to send notification to extend lease

A business is suing a law firm for alleged breach of duty and legal malpractice.

Skyhouse Developers Inc., others allegedly failed to maintain stairway in reasonably safe condition

A man is suing Yaroslav Kot, Skyhouse Developers Inc., City West Properties Inc. and 2426 W. Ohio Inc. for alleged negligence.

Children's Rehabilitation Center Inc. allegedly failed to provide proper medical care

An estate administrator is suing Children's Rehabilitation Center Inc. for alleged negligence and wrongful death.

Country Mutual Insurance Company claims it has no duty to defend SQ House Corporation in workplace injury complaint

An insurance company is seeking declaratory judgment against SQ House Corporation and Slawomir Boguszewski, claiming it has no obligation to defend or indemnify the defendants.

Resurrection Physicians Provider Group, others allegedly terminated doctor's agreement without cause

A doctor is suing Resurrection Physicians Provider Group Inc., MSO Great Lakes Inc., Paul Ghilardi, Dr. John Bello and Dara Ellingson for alleged breach of fiduciary duty and unlawful termination.

NVSA, others allegedly failed to pay commissions

Two companies are suing NVSA, RP Services and Eric S. McChesney, citing alleged breach of contract and fraud.

Appeals panel reverses decision to toss ex-Malcolm X College admin's retaliatory firing suit

Saying they believed a fired Malcolm X College administrator had demonstrated he was fired for reporting actions which "defrauded ... the taxpayer," an Illinois appellate panel has reversed a lower court’s decision to dismiss a retaliatory discharge suit over claims he was fired after raising concerns about the school allegedly hiring unqualified professors.

Recent decisions to grant standing in data breach cases reflects 'social shift' in how data is viewed

Two recent decisions in two different federal appeals courts regarding who has the right to sue over data breaches reflect a “social shift” in how “we view our data,” according to an attorney specializing in privacy law.

United Airlines accused of negligence after passenger allegedly hurt when pilot hit brakes to avoid collision

A woman is suing United Airlines, a pilot and the ity of Chicago for alleged negligence, claiming she was injured when an aircraft on which she was a passenger suddenly braked.

Sears sues Electrolux over damage to store after refrigerator allegedly overheated, caught fire

Several businesses are suing Electrolux North America Inc., Electrolux Home Products Inc. and John Does and Jane Does 1-5 for alleged negligence, breach of contract, breach of express and implied warranties, consumer fraud, gross negligence and strict product liability.

Northwestern Memorial Hospital allegedly failed to prevent nerve damage during knee replacement surgery

A man is suing Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Dr. John Hefferson and Dr. Jill Lasson for alleged negligence.

Alden-Princeton Rehabilitation and Health Care Center allegedly failed to prevent fall and pressure sores

A woman is suing Alden-Princeton Rehabilitation and Health Care Center, Alden Management Services and the Alden Group Ltd. for alleged breach of duty and medical malpractice.