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Expert: Companies' anti-discrimination policy should be part of culture

By Mike Helenthal | Jul 12, 2017

A recent $1.9 million settlement by Rosebud Restaurants with the Equal Employment and Opportunity Commission (EEOC) is just one more example of why businesses should proactively adopt strategic hiring rules, an expert on discrimination law says.

Appeals court denies constitutional challenge to Illinois repose statute in estate legal malpractice case

By Mike Helenthal | Jun 5, 2017

The Illinois First District Appellate Court has upheld a lower court's decision that a plaintiff couldn’t sue the lawyers who handled his father’s estate because he didn’t file the malpractice suit in time, ruling Illinois' repose statute was constitutionally sound in placing "reasonable" time limits on the ability of heirs to sue over the handling of estates.

Ex-Muhammad University teacher's termination suit tossed over failure to properly serve

By Mike Helenthal | May 29, 2017

An appeals court has upheld a lower court ruling that dismissed a suit filed over for the wrongful termination of a teacher at the Muhammad University of Islam.

Supreme Court decision puts dent in 'patent troll' cases, may put companies on defense in Chicago court

By Mike Helenthal | May 25, 2017

A decision handed down by the U.S. Supreme Court Monday concerning patent infringement lawsuits will have a “profound impact” on so-called patent trolls, and changes jurisdictional considerations for federal courts across the country, says an intellectual property expert.

CFPB targets tribal lenders for breaking state usury laws, could have far-reaching impact

By Mike Helenthal | May 12, 2017

An expert on consumer financing law says a recent action filed by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau in Chicago federal court could have far-reaching effects on tribal lending, and more generally, restrict the availability of some forms of consumer credit.

Dollar General ruling strengthens EEOC's hand to widen discrimination claims into 'fishing expeditions'

By Mike Helenthal | Apr 24, 2017

The ruling of a Chicago federal judge in favor of an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission enforcement case against retail giant Dollar General will strengthen the EEOC’s hand in bids to widen single claims of employment discrimination into "company-wide fishing expeditions," say two Chicago attorneys and labor law experts.

Attorney says spike in legal malpractice suits has roots in economic struggles

By Mike Helenthal | Oct 24, 2016

A Chicago attorney who for 30 years has defended lawyers facing disciplinary proceedings says that findings in a recent report from the American Bar Association on national trends in legal malpractice litigation reflect a still struggling economy.

Building owners being held liable for ADA violations

By Mike Helenthal | Jun 30, 2016

CHICAGO – Though architects must pass a rigorous certification process, a string of recent court decisions -- including one involving the Chicago Housing Authority (CHA) -- indicates building owners and developers aren’t able to hold them responsible if their finished building doesn’t meet federal access laws.

Tax bills heading up for Chicago property owners

By Mike Helenthal | Jun 27, 2016

CHICAGO –  Chicago residents are already grumbling about the likelihood of paying significantly higher property taxes this year, and the bills haven’t even been sent out yet.

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