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Employee class action OK'd vs Clarence Davids landscaping over paycheck deductions for uniforms

By Richard Jones | Mar 29, 2017

A group of current and former workers at a Matteson-based landscaping contractor was recently granted class certification on claims that the company took improper deductions from workers' paychecks for uniforms. 

Usernames, emails now could be considered protected personal information under Illinois law

By Richard Jones | Jan 31, 2017

Changes to Illinois’ Personal Information Protection Act went into effect at the beginning of this year, adding new protections for Illinois residents, and more clearly defining what actions could trigger public notification following a data breach. The changes, enacted when Gov. Bruce Rauner signed HB 1260 in May, expand the definition of “personal information” to include usernames and email address when they are combined with information that would allow access to an individual’s online account.

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