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A non-starter in federal court, case vs Roti over credit card digits on receipts still headed to Cook court

By Scott Holland | Jul 28, 2017

A federal judge has again sent back to Cook County Circuit Court a class action dispute about how many credit card digits appear on restaurant receipts, saying, while federal courts have been clear the case is a non-starter, Illinois state courts have yet to answer.

Woman adds second class action vs McDonald's over Extra Value Meal pricing

By Jonathan Bilyk | Dec 29, 2016

A woman who claimed she overpaid for her sausage burrito meal at a McDonald’s restaurant in The Loop has become the second plaintiff asking Cook County courts to make McDonald’s and a local McDonald’s franchisee pay for charging a few cents more the meal as a bundled “Extra Value Meal,” rather than a la carte.

Roti Restaurants accused in class action of printing too many card number digits on receipts

By Jonathan Bilyk | Dec 22, 2016

Roti Restaurants, a Chicago-based chain specializing in fast, fresh Mediterranean-style food, has been served with a class action lawsuit, alleging the chain prints too many digits from its customers’ credit and debit cards on receipts.

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