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IL Supreme Court rejection of law to reduce jury size sheds light on key legal, justice principles

By Andrew Burger | Oct 14, 2016

As he was about to leave office, former Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn signed into law a bill, strongly supported by the Illinois Trial Lawyers Association, that would have reduced the number of jurors in state civil trials from 12 to six. On Sept. 22, the Illinois Supreme Court rescinded the law in a unanimous 5-0 vote, declaring unconstitutional the law, which would have had deep implications for the state's civil justice system.

Campaign finance ruling to be appealed

By Andrew Burger | Sep 16, 2016

A recent U.S. District Court ruling that denied a challenge to state limits on campaign contributions is being appealed.

Ruling highlights double standard of protection for elected officials in IL over defamation claims

By Andrew Burger | Jul 29, 2016

A recent appellate court ruling highlights the special status state law confers on those who hold elected public office, and use that office to level claims against opponents and critics - even if those assertions may be considered defamatory if they had been uttered by a private citizen.

'Star Wars' creator's decision to pull plans for lakefront museum over lawsuit seen as bad sign

By Andrew Burger | Jul 12, 2016

CHICAGO – "Star Wars" creator and digital effects technology pioneer George Lucas recently announced the group led by him and his wife, financial executive and Chicago native Mellody Hobson, was abandoning efforts to build a futuristic museum showcasing his art collection on Chicago's lakefront.

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