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IL legislation to update disability access laws not likely to harm businesses, chamber says

By Emma Gallimore | Jul 5, 2016

Updates to accessibility guidelines won’t have much of an effect on businesses but will bring regulations up to date with federal law, said a spokesperson from the Illinois Chamber of Commerce.

New IL task force to take aim at Medicaid fraud; providers advised to review billing practices

By Emma Gallimore | May 23, 2016

A new task force assembled by Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner has been empaneled to root out some fraud in Medicaid and some other Illinois state health care reimbursement programs, in the hope of mitigating some of the budget issues facing the state. And health care providers should be ready to take a closer look at their billing practices to make sure they are not committing unforced errors, lawyers advised.

Diversity committee at nation's largest minority-owned law firm to host Diversity Conference

By Emma Gallimore | Apr 15, 2016

On the heels of unveiling its new diversity committee, the country's largest minority-owned law firm will host its inaugural Diversity Conference later this month in Chicago.Quintairos, Prieto, Wood & Boyer, P.A. will host the conference April 26-27 at the Willis Tower.

Intricacies of Chicago Landlord Tenant Ordinance sparking rash of lawsuits over technical violations

By Emma Gallimore | Feb 12, 2016

A rash of lawsuits against landlords under the Chicago Residential Landlord Tenant Ordinance has led to questions over whether the ordinance, which governs relations between apartment dwellers and their landlords in the city of Chicago, may need reform.

FTC issues guidelines on 'native advertising,' but still may not help businesses much

By Emma Gallimore | Feb 5, 2016

The Federal Trade Commission has released new guidance on native advertising - or advertising designed to look like anything but an ad - including directions for publishers and advertisers as well as a policy statement on its enforcement approach.

$5 million medical malpractice settlement OK'd vs doctors, Northwest Community Hospital

By Emma Gallimore | Jan 22, 2016

A $5 million settlement has been approved for a 64-year-old woman who claimed treatment she received at Northwest Community Hospital in Arlington Heights left her with brain damage.

FAA: Privately owned drone aircraft must be registered before they are flown

By Emma Gallimore | Jan 16, 2016

The Federal Aviation Administration is requiring that privately owned drone aircraft weighing up to 55 pounds be registered before they are flown.

Chicago Justice Project files suit to demand Cook County State's Attorney release public information on assaults, other felony cases

By Emma Gallimore | Dec 22, 2015

The Chicago Justice Project has filed suit against the office of Cook County State's Attorney Anita Alvarez to end what they allege is a pattern and practice of circumventing the requirements of the Illinois Freedom of Information Act.

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