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Appeals court: Woman's suit OK questioning if handicap space painted on pavement caused slip-and-fall

By Jenna Lyons | Jun 19, 2019

A state appeals panel has revived a lawsuit brought by a woman who alleges she slipped and fell at a Lakeview gas station on an icy patch atop a handicap symbol emblazoned on pavement, which she said was designed in such a way that it would become unnaturally slippery and dangerous.

Appeals court revives man's slip-and-fall lawsuit vs Palatine sports bar

By Jenna Lyons | Jun 14, 2019

A three-justice panel of the Illinois First District Appellate Court has revived a lawsuit brought by a man who claimed a restaurant should be held liable after he slipped and fell on the property.

Federal judge rules Dominick's can't get $9M pension credit from union, despite agreement

By Jenna Lyons | Jun 11, 2019

CHICAGO – A federal judge has rejected a request from defunct supermarket chain Dominick's Finer Foods to force a union to give it a credit against its employee pension contributions, worth $9 million.

Incoming IL State Bar Association president plans to establish leadership programs, health care plan

By Jenna Lyons | Jun 7, 2019

A zoning and development attorney who aims to usher in leadership programs for young lawyers will be inaugurated president of the Illinois State Bar Association and has his sights set on pooling interested members into a single health care plan.

Personal injury lawyer Romanucci named new president of Illinois Trial Lawyers Association

By Jenna Lyons | Jun 7, 2019

A personal injury lawyer who specializes in suing police departments over alleged brutality and suing medical providers and others in cases involving traumatic brain injuries has been named the new president of the Illinois Trial Lawyers Association, a lobbying group that represents the interests of the lawyers who represent plaintiffs suing businesses and others in the state.

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