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Cities, towns seek greater power to act; Municipal League effort may face tough road

By Mark Fitton - Illinois News Network | Feb 24, 2016

In the midst of Illinois budget crisis, Illinois’ 1,300 cities, towns and villages are seeking greater freedom to act on their own. But much of the “Moving Cities Forward” legislation being promoted by the Illinois Municipal League likely will face pushback in a General Assembly locked in a struggle over taxes, the lack of an overall state budget and Gov. Bruce Rauner’s calls for changes in the state’s financial and political conduct.

Durkin: Workers comp compromise could be key to unlock budget impasse in Springfield

By Mark Fitton - Illinois News Network | Feb 22, 2016

SPRINGFIELD — House Minority Leader Jim Durkin on Monday suggested the workers’ compensation system might be the point where Republicans and Democrats get together and start breaking the month-long impasse that has left Illinois without a budget.

Rauner to lawmakers: Make a choice; Democratic leaders: Little has changed

By Mark Fitton - Illinois News Network | Feb 17, 2016

SPRINGFIELD — Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner used his annual budget address Wednesday to put two choices before legislative Democrats who control both houses of the state legislature: The General Assembly can grant him, the state’s chief executive, the authority to make the cuts that will allow Illinois to spend what it’s bringing in, about $32.8 billion Or, Rauner said, lawmakers can agree to some of what he considers essential economic and political reforms and he’ll work with them on a combin

Brawl over bargaining bill resumes in Springfield; with no AFSCME contract, stakes are high

By Mark Fitton - Illinois News Network | Feb 11, 2016

SPRINGFIELD — The hotly disputed interest arbitration or “no strike-no lockout” bill is back in play in the state Capitol.

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