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World record hackysacker comes up short in case against Wendy's, Guinness World Records

By Tabitha Fleming | May 5, 2017

Johannes “Ted” Martin may be one of the best when it comes to playing Hacky Sack, but for a second time the Guinness World Record holder has lost in court. Martin, who represented himself, filed multiple claims against fast-food giant Wendy’s and Guinness World Records Limited, but his amended suit was dismissed by a federal judge on April 28.

Trump appointments could reshape NLRB, but effects may not be felt for a few months

By Tabitha Fleming | Feb 8, 2017

With the White House now in the hands of Republicans, the majority on the National Labor Relations Board is also expected to soon change hands. But what impact that could have on the NLRB's proceedings and agenda, at least in the short term, remains to be seen. 

Attorney fees in Johnson & Johnson baby bath products settlement raise eyebrows but spur no action

By Tabitha Fleming | Feb 3, 2017

A class-action lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson that resulted in a $5 million settlement, including $1.5 million dollars in attorney fees, has raised questions of fairness, but not enough to persuade one class action settlement watchdog organization to get involved.

Attorneys without malpractice insurance must do self-assessment to decrease risk, ARDC says

By Tabitha Fleming | Feb 2, 2017

The Illinois Supreme Court has issued a new rule, at the urging of the Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission (ARDC), concerning lawyers who opt to practice law without malpractice insurance.

Lincolnshire will appeal decision that tossed its right-to-work ordinance

By Tabitha Fleming | Jan 17, 2017

The village of Lincolnshire will appeal the ruling of a trial court that tossed out the city’s right-to-work ordinance.

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