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$22M deal proposed to end injured lawyer's litigation vs bankrupt Yellow Cab over '05 taxi crash

By Jonathan Bilyk | Aug 3, 2017

A Chicago federal bankruptcy judge has been asked to sign off on a $22 million settlement, intended to lay to rest claims against a now bankrupt taxi company, brought by a Chicago lawyer who was left with brain damage and other injuries after the taxi in which he was riding crashed into a concrete median in 2005.

FINRA can't be sued by fired brokers who claimed they didn't get fair shake at arbitration

By Todd Barnett | Aug 1, 2017

A Chicago federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit against the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority Inc. (FINRA), saying the regulatory agency can't be sued by fired brokers who claimed they didn't get a fair shake in arbitration against their former employers.

Appeals panel upholds $26M for lawyer hurt in taxi crash, despite dissent over Chicago regulations

By Jonathan Bilyk | Mar 20, 2017

A divided state appeals court has upheld a $26 million jury verdict awarded to a Chicago lawyer injured in a 2005 taxicab crash near Hinsdale, saying the Yellow Cab taxi affiliation must pay out for the accident because the injured passenger believed Yellow Cab was the driver’s “apparent agent,” even though Yellow Cab did not employ the driver and a Cook County trial judge refused to let YCA show the jury key evidence on how extensively all cabs are controlled by Chicago City Hall.

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