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Class action: United Airlines charged online reservation change fees, even when it said it would not

By Scott Holland | Mar 27, 2018

United Airlines is facing a class action complaint from customers who said they were charged online change fees, despite the airlines' assurances they would not, if they rebooked a flight with United within a year of cancelling their reservations.

Chicken catchers land class action certification in unpaid OT suit vs Koch Foods

By Scott Holland | Sep 21, 2017

Chicken catchers who say they’re underpaid have made another significant gain in their legal battle against a suburban-based poultry wholesaler.

Shutterfly can't delete class action lawsuit under IL privacy law over face tagging software

By Jonathan Bilyk | Sep 19, 2017

A Chicago federal judge will allow a class action lawsuit to proceed against Shutterfly over its face tagging software, rejecting the online photo sharing company’s request to delete the action accusing it of violating an Illinois biometric privacy law.

Clarins U.S.A. Inc. accused of misleading consumers over skin cream benefits

By Louie Torres | Aug 29, 2017

A woman has filed a class action lawsuit against Clarins U.S.A. Inc. for allegedly misleadingly marketing a skin cream.

Judge trims class action vs Dollar General over aloe vera gel alleged not to contain aloe vera

By Scott Holland | Jun 21, 2017

A federal judge has burned off two of three counts in a class action complaint facing Dollar General over claims the retailer’s aloe vera cooling gel didn’t actually contain aloe vera.

Judge: Class action vs Precor over faulty treadmill sensors can proceed

By Scott Holland | Jun 20, 2017

Exercise equipment manufacturer Precor failed in its quest to get a judge to scuttle a federal class action complaint, which alleged the company sold treadmills it knew included inaccurate heart rate sensors.

Federal judge scrambles Koch Foods’ dismissal motion in suit claiming chicken catchers not properly paid

By Dan Churney | May 22, 2017

Suburban-based poultry wholesaler Koch Foods has laid an egg in Chicago federal court, with its failed motion to dismiss a suit brought against it by former chicken handlers, who claim the company failed to pay them minimum wage and overtime.

Class action fails to rise vs Whirlpool over overheating self-cleaning ovens

By Scott Holland | May 12, 2017

A federal judge has denied class certification to Whirlpool customers who said the company sold them defective, overheating ovens, saying their expert witness couldn’t help them establish that all of their oven problems arose from the same source.

Judge signs off on $9.3M deal to end Rustoleum Restore products class action; lawyers get $3M

By Jonathan Bilyk | Mar 8, 2017

A Chicago federal judge has signed off on a $9.3 million settlement deal – including more than $3 million in attorney fees – ending years of litigation against Rustoleum over damage allegedly caused to decks and patios by the company’s “Restore” product line.

Judge won't short-circuit class action accusing Google Photos of breaking IL biometric privacy law

By Jonathan Bilyk | Feb 28, 2017

A Chicago federal judge has refused Google’s request to delete a class action lawsuit accusing the tech titan of violating an Illinois law by automatically creating and storing face scans of people in photos uploaded to its cloud-based Google Photos service without first collecting written authorization from those whose faces were scanned.

$9.3M deal to end Rustoleum deck products action; attorneys asking $3.1M, homeowners could get hundreds

By Jonathan Bilyk | Feb 17, 2017

Attorneys for a class of potentially tens of thousands of homeowners and others whose wooden decks and patios were allegedly damaged by Rustoleum’s “Restore” products have asked a federal judge to grant final approval to a $9.3 million settlement with the company – a deal which could generate payments of potentially hundreds of dollars for some homeowners and more than $3.1 million for the attorneys who pressed the lawsuit.

Class action says texting 'Y' not enough, AMC needed to get written consent before texting customers

By Jonathan Bilyk | Feb 2, 2017

Cinema chain AMC has been hit with a class lawsuit claiming the theater company wrongly added people to marketing lists to send them text messages promoting upcoming movies and encouraging other purchases.

Federal appeals court: PF Chang's can be sued over potential ID theft from data breach

By Dan Churney | Apr 25, 2016

A Chicago federal appeals panel has given the P.F. Chang’s restaurant chain a case of legal indigestion, by reversing a district court’s dismissal of a class action suit brought by two diners, who claimed they were vulnerable to identity theft, because the chain’s allegedly poor data security allowed hackers to obtain diners’ debit and credit card information.

Google sued over facial recognition in photo sharing, latest tech giant to face class action in IL

By Scott Holland | Mar 4, 2016

Google has become the latest titan of the digital age to face legal action under an Illinois law over the use of facial recognition technology and photo sharing.

Judge tosses Illinois privacy law class action vs Facebook over photo tagging; California cases still pending

By Dana Herra | Jan 27, 2016

A federal judge has dismissed an Illinois man’s attempted class action lawsuit against Facebook, contending the social media provider’s photo sharing platform violates Illinois privacy law. In dismissing the matter, however, the judge said the court in this case only lacked jurisdiction to rule in the matter, and stopped short of rendering an opinion on the lawsuit’s allegations against Facebook.

Privacy rights class action vs Shutterfly over face tagging cleared to proceed

By Jonathan Bilyk | Jan 25, 2016

Weeks after a federal judge rejected Shutterfly’s request to dismiss the case, a Chicago man has formally asked the court to certify a class of perhaps thousands of other plaintiffs in his legal action alleging the popular online photo sharing site violated privacy rights under Illinois law when it created a system allowing photos to be stored and searched using facial recognition technology.

Judge clears nationwide lawsuit to proceed vs Rustoleum over 'latent defects' in Restore deck products

By Jonathan Bilyk | Jan 14, 2016

A federal judge has given the green light to a class action against the makers of Rustoleum, saying, to this point, the plaintiffs in the nationwide warranty and consumer fraud litigation over “latent defects” in the Restore deck restoration product have produced enough evidence and legal precedent to move forward with their case.

Facebook: Face tagging software doesn't violate Illinois biometric info law, contra class action

By Dana Herra | Dec 10, 2015

Contending its photo tagging technology doesn’t violate Illinois’ law forbidding the sharing of certain biometric information, Facebook has asked a judge to dismiss a class action lawsuit filed by a non-Facebook user who claims he and other people who do not have accounts on the social media site have been harmed by the site’s photo Tag Suggestions feature.

Shareholder says Vasco management should pay for shares crash following news of product sales to Iran

By Jonathan Bilyk | Oct 26, 2015

The directors and executive of an Oakbrook Terrace-based provider of digital financial security products has been hit with a lawsuit brought by a shareholder who has claimed the company’s management should be made to pay for allegedly concealing from investors – or at least not properly moving to address – the possibility an international distributor sold the company’s products to buyers in Iran while economic sanctions forbidding such sales were in place.

City Colleges hit with class action lawsuit over student recruitment texts, phone calls

By Dan Churney | Oct 12, 2015

A Cook County man has filed a class action lawsuit in Chicago federal district court against Chicago’s City Colleges and an education marketing company, handing them a failing grade for allegedly violating federal law by making unsolicited, automated telephone calls and texts to recruit students. On Oct. 8, Ismael Salam lodged the suit against Community College District 508, also known as the City Colleges, as well as against Cook County, the state of Illinois and Blackboard, Inc.

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