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Appeals court lets cemetery take to arbitration legal battle over alleged fraud in sale of grave plots

A state appeals court has gratned a local cemetery a won in an ongoing battle that accused the cemetery of defrauding a familt that had purchased grave plots.

Woman fails to convince court that Lollapalooza's promoters responsible for her broken ankle

A state appeals panel says a woman can't press her claims a promoter for the Lollapalooza music festival is to blame for a broken ankle she suffered at the event in Chicago six years ago.

Caterpillar secures win in age discrimination case over elimination of benefits package for laid off workers

A federal judge has bulldozed a lawsuit against Caterpillar, which accused the Peoria-based heavy equipment manufacturer of discriminating against its older workers when it eliminated a supplemental unemployment benefit program for workers laid off at its plant in Joliet.

New Illinois law allows convicted felons to get health care-related professional licenses

Felony convictions will no longer prevent someone in Illinois from acquiring a health care-related professional license thanks to a new law that amends the rules overseen by the state's Department of Professional Regulation.