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Lawsuit challenging Chicago election audit loses in landslide

A lawsuit challenging the way Chicago's elections board audits election results has been shredded by a federal judge.

Judge trims out-of-state claims from class action vs Nature's Way over 'Made in USA' labeling

A Chicago federal judge has trimmed a class action lawsuit accusing nutritional supplement maker Nature's Way of fraud in marketing certain of its supplements as "Made in the USA," when at least one of the supplement's ingredients allegedly comes from overseas.

Judge orders Universal Security Company to rehire fired O'Hare security workers amid labor dispute

A federal judge has granted an injunction in a dispute between the National Labor Relations Board and a company which provides security at O'Hare International Airport, requiring the security firm to rehire two employees it had recently fired amid a dispute over whether the men, who were engaged in union organizing activities, had disclosed "sensitive security information" to the press.

Chicago looks to use property tax increases to fund pensions

Residents of Chicago and its suburbs have once again seen their property taxes rise. For 2016 taxes, which will paid this year, Chicagoans' bills shot up by about 10 percent, while people living in suburban Cook County can expect increases of 4-7 percent.

City of Chicago, pro-life groups settle legal fight over 'bubble zone' abortion protest restrictions

A group of anti-abortion activists who alleged Chicago City Hall used its so-called "bubble rule" around abortion clinics to illegally single out and violate the free speech rights of pro-life protesters have reached a settlement with the city, ending parts of their legal action against the city.