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Judge turns aside parents' attempts to sue those trying to take custody of kids after daughter's death

A federal judge has ruled against a couple who filed a lawsuit against healthcare professionals and state officials who attempted to take their surviving children from them following the death of their daughter.

Citing ministerial exception, appellate court rules Hebrew teacher wasn't discriminated against

A federal appeals panel in Chicago has barred an employment discrimination lawsuit brought by a former Hebrew teacher at a Milwaukee Jewish school, saying the teacher held a "ministerial role." The decision could help shed light on which employees of religious organizations should be considered exempt from federal anti-discrimination laws.

Tweets containing embedded pics could be copyright violation, NY judge says; decision an 'outlier,' for now

A New York federal judge has given media companies and other businesses cause to worry a bit more about embedding tweets and other social media posts with photos on their own content, as the judge said political site Breitbart could be held liabe for violating the copyright of a photographer who had originally uploaded a photo of quarterback Tom Brady included by Breitbart with a social media post.

Appellate court affirms dismissal of ex-Cook transportation worker's wrongful firing suit, despite 'intrigue'

A federal appeals panel has affirmed a lower court’s decision to dismiss a case "filled with intrigue" brought by a former Cook County Transportation Department worker who had accused the county of firing him under false pretenses.