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Illinois Supreme Court: Man's procedural misstep dooms challenge to 'unconstitutional' IL estate tax

A man who claimed the state wrongly used a new state law to collect more than $400,000 in taxes on the estate of his mother, who died four days before the tax law took effect, can’t pursue his claims against the state, because he filed in the wrong court, the Illinois Supreme Court has ruled.

Charles Freeman, first African-American IL Sup Ct justice, retires; Appellate justice Neville appointed to replace

After nearly three decades on Illinois’ high court, Justice Charles Freeman, the first black justice to serve on the Illinois Supreme Court and a former chief justice of the court, has retired. Illinois First District Appellate Court P. Scott Neville has been appointed to serve the remainder of Freeman's term through 2020.

Facebook: Cook County data mining lawsuit designed to benefit only county government, its hired lawyers

Saying only the county and its hired trial lawyers would stand to benefit from any settlement or judgment, Facebook has pushed back against the Cook County State’s Attorney’s attempt to send back to more friendly legal turf the pending legal fight over how much blame Facebook should shoulder for data mining conducted by another firm, ostensibly to benefit the 2016 election campaign of President Donald Trump.

IL Supreme Court suspends law license of Cook County judge convicted of bank fraud

The Illinois Supreme Court has taken the next step in potentially removing from the bench a Cook County judge convicted of bank fraud, suspending the law license of Jessica Arong O'Brien.

IL Supreme Court strikes appellate order requiring comptroller to release hold on city of Harvey's funds

The financially-troubled city of Harvey again has been denied access to more than $1 million in its share of state money it says it needs to pay its current police officers, firefighters and other city employees, but which the board overseeing its retired police officers’ pension fund says state law requires the state to pay to them.

News service: Cook courts clerk's reliance on rules to delay access to lawsuits invented from 'whole cloth'

Saying Cook County’s courts clerk shouldn’t be allowed to use court administrative rules to sidestep the public's constitutional rights, the news organization accusing the clerk of delaying access by days to new lawsuits has asked a federal appeals court to reject the clerk’s assertions she has no obligation under the Constitution to provide swift public access to newly filed court documents.

Judge again sinks Brunswick's bid to undo $25M deal with lawyer who used jury note to avoid loss at trial

A Chicago federal judge has again turned aside an attempt by boatmaker Brunswick to undo a $25 million personal injury settlement the company says was obtained through fraud, as a federal judge said the company has failed again to lay claim to a protected interest violated by a rival lawyer’s decision to allegedly withhold information about a jury note moments before a verdict would have delivered a win to Brunswick.

Judge: State can't let Chicago Park District make workers pay more toward retirement, boost retirement age

Citing the Illinois state constitution, another judge has struck down an attempt by a local government to rein in its pension costs and potentially hold down future tax increases, this time declaring unconstitutional a law allowing the Chicago Park District to require its workers to contribute more to their future retirement benefits.

Driver exclusion clauses can't be used to deny underinsured motorist coverage, IL Supreme Court says

Insurers in Illinois aren’t allowed to use driver exclusion clauses to deny underinsured coverage to their own policyholders, as the state Supreme Court says such exclusions violate state law.

Chicago appeals court yanks $14 million award v. ISMIE, says insurer deserved 12 jurors, not six

A Chicago appeals panel has pulled a $14.4 million jury award from the parents of a toddler, who died through medical malpractice, saying the obstetricians' insurer – Illinois' No. 1 malpractice provider – deserved 12 rather than six jurors, in a trial over accusations the insurer allegedly misled the doctors into going to trial in the underlying malpractice suit, instead of settling for the amount of their coverage, which left the doctors personally on the hook for more than $1 million.

IL Supreme Court disbars four lawyers, suspends nine, inactivates removed Cook County judge

The Illinois Supreme Court has disbarred four lawyers, and suspended nine others, including lawyers charged with growing marijuana from a drug house, bank fraud and child pornography. The court also inactivated the license of a Cook County judge removed after she was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease amid a probe of her decision to let a law clerk preside over cases.

Cook Courts Clerk: No First Amendment obligation to provide immediate public access to lawsuits

The clerk of Cook County’s courts has asserted she has no obligation under the First Amendment to provide the press or public with immediate access to lawsuits publicly filed in court, making the claim as part of her bid to persuade a federal appeals panel to undo a federal judge’s injunction ordering her to create a system to provide swifter access to all electronically filed documents.

Petition: Change IL conduct rules to let state regulators discipline lawyer/lawmakers like Silverstein accused of harassment

In the wake of a decision by Illinois legal profession regulators to not take action against state Sen. Ira Silverstein, who was accused of sexual harassment and who was found by the Illinois Legislative Inspector General to have engaged in behavior “unbecoming of a legislator,” a Chicago law firm has launched a petition drive, asking the Illinois Supreme Court to change Illinois lawyer conduct rules to specifically allow the state to take action against lawyers, including state lawmakers, accused of sexual harassment.

'It's more possible now' - Penn Supreme Court ruling could open gerrymander reform avenue in IL, via courts

A recent Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruling on the question of partisan gerrymandering could introduce a new avenue for reformers to pursue in breaking the hammerlock on the legislative redistricting process currently held by legislative leaders in the Illinois General Assembly, and other states.

IL Supreme Court begins process of removing Cook County judge convicted of mortgage fraud

The state’s highest court has ordered a Cook County judge convicted of mortgage fraud to present the court with reasons why the state should not yank her license to practice law and should not bar her from continuing to hold office as a judge.

Retirement income tax could boost IL bucks, but also spawn court challenges, exodus of retirees

With Illinois' budget woes continuing, one Democratic candidate for governor has suggested taxing retirement income, But such a proposal could lead to a mass exodus of retirees from the state, as well as court challenges exempting the state's public worker retirees from paying any such tax, under the state constitution's pension protections.

'Public should control process:' Anti-gerrymandering amendment filed in Springfield

As Illinois courts have repeatedly slapped aside attempts by Illinois voters to wrest control of drawing new legislative district maps from which ever partisans control the Illinois General Assembly, the coalition behind many of those past efforts to place referenda on the Illinois ballot to change the state constitution are now backing a new amendment to combat partisan gerrymandering, with the fight this time beginning in the state legislature.

IL Supreme Court calls for fix of rules apportioning blame in multi-car crashes; could leave defendants 'holding bag'

Illinois’ highest state court has upheld a Chicago appeals panel and a Cook County judge's rulings that a defendant in a car crash suit had no basis to contest his codefendant's settlement with the plaintiff under Illinois law, because there was no evidence of fraud, despite concerns the ruling could leave less culpable co-defendants “holding the bag” at trial.

High court upholds seizure of woman’s Harley; Karmeier dissent: ‘In the eyes of the law, she was guilty of nothing’

Madison County Record

SPRINGFIELD – Police properly seized a three wheel Harley-Davidson vehicle from a woman who committed no crime, the Illinois Supreme Court decided on Feb. 16.

Appeals court pauses judge's order forcing Cook courts clerk to let public immediately access lawsuits

A federal appeals court in Chicago has slapped a hold on a federal judge’s order to force Cook County’s courts clerk to begin providing the press and public immediate access to publicly filed court documents, at least until the appellate judges can rule on the court clerk’s claims that the federal judge had no business issuing the order, on the grounds of protecting the public’s First Amendment rights to public information.