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Chicago law firm the first to file lawsuits over Washington Amtrak derailment


CHICAGO (Legal Newsline) – A Chicago attorney says several factors may have led to the derailment of the Amtrak train near Tacoma, Washington, on Dec. 18. He is representing some of the plaintiffs who are suing Amtrak over the incident.

Woman loses appeal in suit vs snow removal company, mall owner over slip-and-fall in snowy parking lot

A woman who slipped and fell in the snowy parking lot of a mall has lost her lawsuit against the owner of the mall.

Insurer can treat thousands of asbestos claims vs manufacturer as single insurable occurrence, appeals court says

A state appeals panel has come down on the side of insurers in an ongoing legal dispute with a manufacturer over the question of whether thousands of asbestos exposure-related lawsuits arising from the same company's products should be treated as a single "occurrence" or multiple occurrences for the purposes of determining how much the insurer would be obligated to pay.

Walmart, Charles Komar & Sons out, but Macy's remains in lawsuit filed by woman whose clothes caught fire

Walmart and clothing maker Charles Komar & Sons have been dismissed from a lawsuit filed by an Illinois woman whose clothing allegedly caught fire - but Macy’s remains and faces trial in early 2018.

Judge: Faxed invite to diabetes drug seminar enough to let TCPA class action continue

Receiving an unwanted fax, inviting medical professionals to a "free seminar" discussing diabetes treatment options is harmful enough to allow a class action to continue against a drugmaker and a company that describes its mission as "connecting" nurse practitioners with drug companies' clinical research, a Chicago federal judge has said.

Northern Illinois University College of Law eliminates out-of-state tuition fees

DeKALB – Starting in the fall of 2018, students at the Northern Illinois University (NIU) College of Law will not be charged out-of-state tuition premiums.

Pending legislation in Congress could address ADA 'drive-by' lawsuits, but business lawyers not optimistic

In recent years, businesses of all sizes have been hit with spurts of lawsuits brought by lawyers seeking out often relatively small violations under disability access guidelines. And while businesses have asked lawmakers to change the rules under which such lawsuits - commonly known to many as "drive-by" suits - a Chicago lawyer is not holding out much hope of any action from Congress anytime soon.

New bill before Congress would offer paid leave to many more Americans

A new bill before Congress could give many more employees across the United States paid leave, replacing a patchwork of state laws on paid employee leave.

Volvo can't escape class action suit due to alleged false marketing over range of hybrid SUV

A federal judge has ruled that a couple who were upset over their hybrid Volvo’s ability to hold a charge have legitimate claims against Volvo, turning aside the automaker's attempt to again pull the plug on the couple's class action lawsuit.

Federal judge lands dispute over ownership of vintage World War II-era fighter plane

A federal judge has ruled in favor of the plaintiff in a dispute over the ownership of a rebuilt World War II fighter plane.

Illinois e-filing requirement may not mean easier public access to court filings

At the turn of the New Year, county circuit court systems across Illinois are expected to take a leap into the 21st Century, as they begin to require all civil court documents to be filed electronically, under an order from the state's Supreme Court. However, the steps into the digital age may not necessarily ensure greater or easier access to otherwise public court documents in the state.

Judge: Insurer OK not to cover big losses for defendants accused in RICO case of trying to bribe Blago

An insurer has won the right to exclude coverage based on specific policy language mentioning a 2014 RICO claim over an alleged scheme by horse racing track owners to bribe jailed former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich.

EEOC rolls out nationwide program to help people file discrimination complaints

As of Nov. 1, an online filing system for workers to file discrimination charges against their employers has been rolled out nationwide. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission's Public Portal had been available on a "pilot" basis in Chicago and in four other cities over the past six months.

Illinois A/G, FTC announce $7M settlement, ban 'phantom' debt collectors

A recent settlement involving the Federal Trade Commission and the Illinois Attorney General's Office against Chicago-based "phantom" debt collectors could bring in several million dollars.

Judge: Fundraising robocalls for Breast Cancer Society OK under federal law; plaintiffs appeal

A fundraising and marketing company has been let off the hook in a class action lawsuit after a federal judge said its work on behalf of a breast cancer research charity meant it couldn't be made to pay for allegedly violating a federal telemarketing law. However, plaintiffs are appealing that decision.

Judge: Quaker can say oatmeal 'maple' even if contains no 'maple'; Decision roadmap for future defenses

A federal judge has ruled federal regulation of food ingredient labeling can cut short false advertising suits against foodmakers like Quaker Oats, which was recently sued over the contents of its maple and brown sugar oatmeal, which, the lawsuit claimed, contained no actual maple, only maple flavoring.

Illinois Supreme Court to decide if hospitals will have to pay property taxes

The Illinois Supreme Court recently agreed to hear arguments in another case addressing whether hospitals should be exempted from paying property taxes, marking the second time this year the court will tackle the question weighing on hospitals and local governments across the state.

Parents of boy injured at Flossmoor Library see appeal dismissed after they missed deadline for appeal

Saying they feel for the family of a boy who was severely injured when he fell through metal grates into a hole at the Flossmoor Public Library, a state appeals court has nonetheless rejected the family's appeal, as justices said they cannot allow the family to continue with their suit after missing strict filing deadlines.

Home health care company MedPro can't sue over Medicare payments suspension, accusations: Judge

A Tinley Park-based home healthcare company can't pursue their fraud claims against a Medicare administrative company that stopped paying them over belief the home healthcare provider had received improper payments, as a federal judge says it hasn't yet exhausted administrative remedies provided to it through Medicare.

Class action vs over third-party sales calls OK to proceed; judge says allegations 'quite slim'

A federal judge has allowed a lawsuit to continue against over sales calls made by third-party vendors on behalf of the home security company.