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Multiple companies cited in lung disease case


Laborer alleges asbestos exposure caused mesothelioma


Former laborer alleges asbestos exposure caused lung disease


Suit: Secondary asbestos exposure caused woman's mesothelioma, death


Father of girl who struck face on fallen AC cover files suit against landlord

A tenant of a Chicago apartment is suing the building's owner after his daughter was injured by the cover to an air conditioning unit.

Man sues asbestos companies over father's lung cancer, death


Former laborer alleges asbestos exposure led to lung cancer


Former laborer blames asbestos companies for mesothelioma


Slip on snow, ice at Metra station leads to lawsuit

A man is suing over claims he slipped on ice and snow at a Metra station.

Woman alleges secondary exposure to asbestos caused lung cancer


Daughter of former laborer says asbestos exposure caused father's death


Former laborer alleges asbestos exposure caused mesothelioma


Alleged assault at Bridgeview nursing home leads to lawsuit


Asbestos companies face claim over former mechanic's mesothelioma


Oak Park resident blames fall on apartment complex's lack of handrails


Real estate developer sues Chicago law firm over advice he says caused him to lose kids' college funds

A real estate developer who allegedly went bankrupt and lost his children’s college funds is suing a Chicago law firm over allegations of legal malpractice.

Man claims he broke neck because housing group didn't install handicapped accessible bathroom

A man is suing a not-for-profit organization that works to build affordable housing in  Chicago's Latino neighborhoods housing, claiming its failure to make his bathroom handicapped accessible caused him to break a vertebrae in his neck.

Man accuses equipment manufacturer of defective design following injury

A man is suing an Illinois company over claims it designed and manufactured an allegedly defective piece of industrial equipment.

Asbestos companies face claim over man's lung cancer


Tenant smacks landlord with suit over alleged bedbugs