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Estate of deceased woman sues hospital in alleged wrongful death

CHICAGO –– The next of kin of a deceased Cook County woman is suing a local hospital, alleging the hospital’s negligence lead to her death.

Estate of deceased man sues nursing home, alleges negligence

CHICAGO –– The estate of a man has sued his former nursing home over allegations that negligence in the care he received ultimately led to his death.

Suit against nursing home alleges wrongful death

CHICAGO –– The next of kin of a Cook County deceased man has filed a suit against the nursing home where he resided, claiming that the home's neglect in care caused health issues that ultimately led to his death.

Woman alleges slip and fall led to serious injuries at The Cheesecake Factory

CHICAGO – A woman is suing a local restaurant alleging she slipped and fell due to a substance that was on the floor, sustaining both internal and external injuries.

Man sues after fall through skylight

CHICAGO — A man is suing a food distribution company and the owner of the building where that company operations, claiming negligence caused severe injuries.

Woman sues podiatrists, hospital after surgery

CHICAGO — A Park Forest woman is suing two podiatrists and a hospital in a complaint alleging that surgery resulted in chronic pain and worsened condition.

Cook County woman alleges medical malpractice after daughter's hip surgery

Story Copy CHICAGO –– A Cook county mother is filing law suits against an orthopedic surgeon, and the hospital at which the surgery was performed, claiming that her daughter sustained a serious injury during the surgery due to negligence.