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Federal judge scrambles Koch Foods’ dismissal motion in suit claiming chicken catchers not properly paid

Dan Churney May 22, 2017, 12:30pm

Suburban-based poultry wholesaler Koch Foods has laid an egg in Chicago federal court, with its failed motion to dismiss a suit brought against it by former chicken handlers, who claim the company failed to pay them minimum wage and overtime.

SailTime boat-sharing parent company countersues to avoid liability in 2014 Lake Michigan deaths

Scott Holland Dec. 26, 2016, 3:19pm

A 2014 Lake Michigan boating death, which already gave rise to one lawsuit, is at the center of a counterclaim action filed Dec. 9 in Cook County Circuit Court, as the parent organization for a Chicago area boat-sharing group has filed suit to ask a judge to declare it should not be forced to share in the defense against the lawsuit over the boating accident.

Judge keeps ex-CEO’s $15 million suit percolating vs Intelligentsia Coffee over sale to Peet's

Dan Churney Jun. 20, 2016, 10:51am

A judge has ruled a former CEO of Chicago coffee house chain Intelligentsia has grounds to continue his suit against his ex-business partners, who fired him and then allegedly refused to pay him more than $15 million in profit shares and his cut from the proceeds of the company’s sale.  

Online casino-style game provider beats back class action alleging it hosts illegal gambling

Scott Holland Mar. 30, 2016, 3:23pm

A federal judge has sided with online casino-style game company Double Down Interactive in a potential class action lawsuit which alleged the company's games violated Illinois gambling laws, and the company should pay back those who had paid to play its games.

Chicago, Park Grill investors launch appeals, counter-appeals over rulings in Millennium Park restaurant deal fight

Jonathan Bilyk Dec. 29, 2015, 9:09am

The legal fight over the fate of the Park Grill restaurant in Chicago’s Millennium Park will continue in the courts in 2016 and perhaps beyond, as the city of Chicago and the restaurant’s operators each prepare for appeals and counter-appeals of a Cook County judge’s decisions in a case over an allegedly crooked restaurant deal that has already cost taxpayers millions of dollars in legal fees and court costs.

Former Intelligentsia Coffee president says he's owed $15 million from sale to Peet's

Jonathan Bilyk Nov. 20, 2015, 5:14pm

The former CEO and president of Intelligentsia Coffee says his former business partners owe him $15 million, which he said is the amount he is entitled to under his employment agreement with Intelligentsia following the company’s sale to Peet’s Coffee last month. On Nov. 19, Robert Buono, a former lawyer who made a fortune in real estate development before taking over management at Intelligentsia, filed suit in Cook County Circuit Court against Intelligentsia and its cofounders.

Records: Lawsuit over Park Grill contract cost taxpayers more than $6.6 million

Jonathan Bilyk Oct. 9, 2015, 11:46am

While Chicago city officials sued the owners of the Park Grill restaurant to collect millions of dollars in taxes and fees that would otherwise have been paid into the city’s coffers, the years-long litigation which failed to persuade a judge the deal was too crooked has cost the city’s taxpayers millions in legal fees, as well. In September, Cook County Judge Moshe Jacobius shot down the lawsuit brought by Chicago City Hall to undo a deal cut by the Chicago Park District with a group of invest

Slowness of City Hall to move against Park Grill torpedoes its chances to undo'sweetheart' deal to counter bad press, judge says

Jonathan Bilyk Sep. 24, 2015, 4:19pm

In the latest scene in a years-long saga cutting across Chicago’s culture of politics and clout, a Cook County judge has said Chicago City Hall and Mayor Rahm Emanuel cannot undo a deal cut by the Chicago Park District under former Mayor Richard M. Daley to allow a group of Chicago investors – including some with ties to the former mayor – to operate the restaurant in Millennium Park, simply because city officials wished to now get on the right side of bad publicity surrounding the “sweetheart d