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IL Supreme Court denies Erin Andrews' request to continue lawsuit vs hotel booking firm over stalking

By Jonathan Bilyk | Jan 31, 2017

An attempt by sportscaster Erin Andrews to sue a Chicago-based company that managed an online reservation system for a Columbus, Ohio, hotel in which a stalker illegally recorded her from a neighboring room, appears to have ended.

Coach who first accused Jackie Robinson West of cheating sues Little League for attempted cover up

By Jonathan Bilyk | Sep 19, 2016

An Evergreen Park Little League baseball coach who was the first to formally accuse the 2014 Jackie Robinson West Little League team of cheating has sued the national Little League baseball organization, claiming the youth baseball organization intentionally attempted to sweep his accusations against the Little League club from Chicago’s South Side under the rug to protect the positive publicity it had enjoyed in the wake of the team’s historic U.S. title run.

IL appeals court: Erin Andrews can't sue online hotel reservations company over stalking incident

By Scott Holland | Aug 23, 2016

A Cook County judge was right to dismiss a complaint sportscaster Erin Andrews filed against the Chicago-based company that managed the online reservation system for the Columbus, Ohio, hotel in which she was illegally recorded, an Illinois appeals court has ruled.  

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