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Sun-Times sues CTA, Chicago Police over failure to turn over video of man being pushed onto L tracks

The Chicago Sun-Times is suing the Chicago Transit Authority and Chicago Police Department for allegedly failing to produce video surveillance footage showing a passenger being pushed from a platform at a Blue Line CTA station by another man.

Newspaper, writers sue Chicago PD, city over lack of response to 'heat list' FOIA request

The Chicago Sun-Times and independent journalists Brandon Smith, George Joseph and Jamie Kalvenand are suing the Chicago Police Department and the city of Chicago, alleging violation of state and federal law.

Woman claims Sun-Times website implicated her in crime she didn't commit

CHICAGO — An individual is suing Sun-Times Media LLC d/b/a Sun-Times Media Wire, a news service, alleging defamation.

Lawyer sues P.I. lawyers Burke Wise Morrissey Kaveny, says disclosed too much info in court, to press

Though they helped him obtain a $4 million verdict against a hospital he accused of not doing enough to stop him from harming himself, a lawyer has sued his former personal injury attorneys, claiming they disclosed too much of his personal information in self-promoting statements about the case they made to the press and didn't file his personal information under seal.

CPS lawsuit: IL pension funding rules + lower relative funding = discriminatory ed funding imbalance

Saying Illinois state government has created a funding imbalance, in part, by requiring the Chicago Public Schools to divert money from education to fund worker pensions, when it places no similar demands on the state’s other school districts, CPS has now asked the courts to step in and force the state to rewrite its school funding rules. 

Judge: Questions in Chicago cops' privacy lawsuit vs Sun-Times limited to whether paper broke law

A federal judge has handed wins to five Chicago police officers in the latest rounds of proceedings in their lawsuit against the Chicago Sun-Times over the paper’s publication of the officers’ photos and other information as part of the paper’s exposé of the investigation of the 2004 death of a man punched by Richard Vanecko, a city cop and nephew of former Mayor Richard Daley. 

Park Grill, City Hall reach deal to end years-long court fight over 'sweetheart' contract

The city of Chicago and the owners of the Park Grill restaurant in Millennium Park have reached a settlement to end the years-long legal saga cutting across Chicago’s culture of politics and clout.

Investment group connected to Aon founder Pat Ryan says data analytics firm swindled them out of millions

A wealthy and politically connected Chicago family is suing an executive they claim cheated them out of stock worth hundreds of millions of dollars to fulfill his own aspirations and allegedly cut out the investors on the cheap after their usefulness as a springboard had ended.

Ex-wife of convicted former Cook board member Moreno sues lawyers for letting feds seize Moreno's pension

The ex-wife of convicted former Cook County Commissioner Joseph Moreno, who is now serving 11 years in prison for his role in bribery and kickback schemes, has sued her former lawyers, saying legal missteps cost her Moreno’s pension, which instead was seized by the U.S.

Chicago, Park Grill investors launch appeals, counter-appeals over rulings in Millennium Park restaurant deal fight

The legal fight over the fate of the Park Grill restaurant in Chicago’s Millennium Park will continue in the courts in 2016 and perhaps beyond, as the city of Chicago and the restaurant’s operators each prepare for appeals and counter-appeals of a Cook County judge’s decisions in a case over an allegedly crooked restaurant deal that has already cost taxpayers millions of dollars in legal fees and court costs.

Chicago offers amnesty program for certain back-due taxes through Dec. 31

The City of Chicago has offered a Tax Debt Amnesty Program allowing city taxpayers a chance to avoid interest and penalties on certain unpaid taxes if the outstanding debt is brought up to date by Dec. 31.

Cicero, towing company head to court over town's move to cut loose towing contract

Officials in Cicero want to stop paying a contractor for towing and impounding vehicles, and the resulting dispute has spilled over into Cook County Circuit Court. Tuff Car Company, which has been the contracted towing firm for Cicero since 2005, earlier this month filed a complaint for injunctive relief against the town, which is seeking to terminate the contract before its scheduled expiration June 30, 2017.

Slowness of City Hall to move against Park Grill torpedoes its chances to undo'sweetheart' deal to counter bad press, judge says

In the latest scene in a years-long saga cutting across Chicago’s culture of politics and clout, a Cook County judge has said Chicago City Hall and Mayor Rahm Emanuel cannot undo a deal cut by the Chicago Park District under former Mayor Richard M. Daley to allow a group of Chicago investors – including some with ties to the former mayor – to operate the restaurant in Millennium Park, simply because city officials wished to now get on the right side of bad publicity surrounding the “sweetheart d

Former police officer sues Berwyn, alleging defamatory statements in newspaper

A former Berwyn police officer who filed a civil rights lawsuit against his employer is now suing for defamation against the employer and its spokesman, alleging false statements published in a newspaper story.

Madigan comes up short on SB 1229 override

House Speaker Mike Madigan said on multiple occasions he had the votes to override the governor’s veto.

Chicago elementary school principal sues CPS, spokesman for defamation over reports about her ouster

The former principal of a Chicago public elementary school has sued the Chicago Public Schools and a CPS spokesman, alleging the spokesman and CPS defamed her and violated her privacy rights when they indicated to Chicago news organizations last year that the principal had been removed from her position over a potential investigation into her conduct, prompting reports to surface allegedly linking her to falsified enrollment and reimbursement reports.

Appeals panel upholds dismissal of Northwestern professor's defamation suit vs Sun-Times over sexual assault allegations

A state appeals panel has refused to allow a former Northwestern University professor to resume his suit against several Chicago news media outlets, which he alleged defamed him by wrongly accusing him of rape in headlines connected to stories reporting a female student’s sexual abuse allegations against him.

Panel refuses to throw out Chicago cops' lawsuit against Sun-Times over police lineup story


Man accused of murdering woman, hiding body in air mattress hit with wrongful death suit; woman's landord, property manager also sued

A man who Cook County prosecutors accused last month of killing a young woman and leaving her body in his Pilsen apartment before fleeing to California two years ago is now facing a civil suit from one of the woman's relatives.

Pest control company lodges defamation claim against Sun-Times over article on rats