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EEOC changing rules on disseminating business info, prompting worries for employers

The federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has recently added procedures that could force employers to release position statements and non-confidential attachments to those accusing them of wrongdoing - potentially including labor unions - on request. These changes in normal procedure have created a sense of concern for employers, as they contemplate what kinds of information could be disclosed by federal regulators.

Cook County lobbyists were paid $2.95 million to lobby county officials in 2015, most ever, report says

According to a report recently released by Cook County Clerk David Orr, 2015 marked a banner year for Cook County lobbyists.

Illinois State Bar Association requests rule change to let law students work in private practice

Recently, the Illinois State Bar Association requested an amendment at the Illinois Supreme Court level, asking that legislation be reformed to allow law students more hands-on training, thus making them more equipped for the nature of working in law.