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Tensions, confusion, lawsuits mount concerning Sterigenics emissions in Willowbrook

By Glenn Minnis | Dec 14, 2018

Tensions, confusion and lawsuits countinue to mount in and around Willowbrook, surrounding ethylene oxide emissions from a medical device sterilization plant operated by Sterigenics in the suburban community. State lawmakers are also considering new legislation addressing the use of EO, and the EPA is continuing air monitoring after it admitted its initial round of air quality measurements from May were flawed.

States' lawsuit vs Trump over car emissions rules could alter industry, set precedent for future executive actions

By John Sammon | May 26, 2018

An attempt by a group of state attorneys general to bar the Trump administration from undoing Obama administration rules related to vehicle fuel economy could have far-reaching implications for the future of the auto industry, while also establishing legal precedent over the ability of succeeding presidential administrations to implement policies, particularly if they differ wth environmental bureaucratic rules made by the EPA.

EPA, Citgo reach $4 million deal to end action over air pollution at Lemont refinery

By Dan Churney | Nov 14, 2016

Federal regulators and Citgo have worked out an understanding, in which the oil giant has agreed to spend $4 million to reduce the discharge of air pollution from a refinery in suburban Lemont.

Illinois AG seeks $60,000 in penalties for Ford Heights tire fire

By Carrie Salls | Jun 25, 2016

CHICAGO – Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan filed a lawsuit against a suburban recycling company following a tire fire that the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA) claims jeopardized air and water quality. 

School bus companies hit Navistar with $70 million RICO suit over defective buses

By Jonathan Bilyk | Jun 2, 2016

Two suburban bus companies have accused diesel truck and bus maker Navistar of racketeering, alleging Navistar knowingly sold defective school buses on the front end, and then its affiliated companies continued to reap profits on the back end from money paid by the bus companies to consistently service and repair the buses’ purportedly faulty engines and braking systems.

IL EPA to issue first loan specifically to replace lead pipes from water system, expects more to come

By Taryn Phaneuf | Jun 2, 2016

As attention increasingly builds on lead content in municipal drinking water in Chicago and elsewhere, an Illinois city has become the first community to receive aid from the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency specifically targeted at alleviating problems with waterborne lead.

Appeals panel: IL pollution board wrong to uphold permits for Metro Water District sewage plants without stricter phosphorus limit

By Scott Holland | Mar 4, 2016

Environmental action groups have secured a legal victory in their efforts to force the region’s largest treater of wastewater to limit the amount of phosphorus – a fertilizing chemical that can cause destructive algae blooms in rivers and streams – put into local streams by its sewage treatment plants, as an Illinois appellate panel said state regulatory bodies were wrong to grant permits for three of the region’s largest treatment plants without more stringent phosphorus limits in place.

Class action demands Chicago replace lead water lines, pay for residents' lead exposure monitoring

By Jonathan Bilyk | Feb 19, 2016

The city of Chicago could be forced to replace lead water pipes leading to homes throughout the city and pay for medical monitoring for lead exposure for a large number of Chicago residents should three city residents succeed in a class action lawsuit alleging the city failed to do enough to protect residents against lead contamination in their drinking water in the wake of city water line replacement projects.

VW diesel emissions class actions transferred, centralized by MDL Panel in San Francisco federal court

By Jonathan Bilyk | Dec 16, 2015

The blizzard of litigation filed against Volkswagen in the wake of revelations the automaker allegedly installed devices on diesel cars to fool emissions testing equipment has been redirected to federal court in San Francisco. Across the country, more than 500 lawsuits - primarily class action complaints - have been lodged in federal district courts against Volkswagen. In the Northern District of Illinois, for instance, 19 such lawsuits have been filed against VW.

EPA sues Rockford under Clean Water Act, but just part of compliance process, Rockford officials say

By Hanna Nakano | Oct 17, 2015

Federal environmental regulators have sued the city of Rockford, continuing the process of bringing the water treatment system in Illinois' third largest city into compliance with federal water laws.The Environmental Protection Agency filed suit Oct. 8 in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois in Rockford, asserting the city's water treatment system remains non-compliant with the federal Clean Water Act.

Legal actions vs. VW continue to mount over diesel deception allegations, now total more than 400 nationwide

By Jonathan Bilyk | Oct 8, 2015

The class action lawsuits continue to pile up against Volkswagen over allegations it installed devices to fool government emissions testing equipment, both in Chicago’s courtrooms and in courts across the country. As of Oct. 8, more than 400 class actions have been filed in federal district courts in states throughout the U.S. against the automaker, and more continue to be added.

Chicago lawsuits add to growing list of Volkswagen diesel emissions deception class actions

By Scott Holland and Jonathan Bilyk | Sep 24, 2015

Several Illinois and Indiana residents have joined their names to a growing list of named plaintiffs in class action complaints against Volkswagen over allegations the carmaker had designed its diesel cars to deceive government emissions detectors into believing their cars were more environmentally friendly than they actually are.

Crestwood seeks to float bonds to fund possible $15 million settlement to end litigation over contaminated well water

By Jonathan Bilyk | Sep 22, 2015

A suburban Chicago village facing hundreds of lawsuits over allegations it knowingly allowed its residents to drink water contaminated with toxic, cancer-causing chemicals for decades has opted to move forward with a potential bond issue to potentially settle the litigation en masse later this year.

Mother alleges polluted Crestwood well water caused her infant's death, her Parkinson's disease

By Dan Harkins | Jul 28, 2015

A Crestwood woman is suing the village, an environmental engineering firm and two former mayors, alleging the water she and many in town had been using caused her son to die of neurological problems and her to be diagnosed with Parkinson's disease.

There will be litigation: AMC alleges suburban environmental consultant falsified deeds for South Barrington wetlands, attempted to 'extort' $800K from theater chain

By Dan Churney | Jul 6, 2015

Now playing in Chicago federal court: A lawsuit by a nationwide movie theater chain against a suburban environmental consultant for allegedly falsifying deeds to extort payment from the chain for land the company already owned at its South Barrington cinematic multiplex.

Insurer asks court to declare it has no duty to defend Crestwood against water contamination claims

By Jonathan Bilyk | Jun 26, 2015

Another insurance company has asked a court to declare it has no obligation to cover the village of Crestwood against the mountain of claims it faces from residents who believe they were poisoned for decades by drinking water from a contaminated well the village was secretly blending with the Lake Michigan water residents believed was flowing from their taps.

Flight attendants lawsuit: Boeing airliner design led to toxic cabin air, sickness, injuries

By Jonathan Bilyk | Jun 23, 2015

Accuse aircraft maker of knowing about problem for decades, but doing nothing to halt hydrocarbon exposure

Navistar hit with at least two class actions over allegedly defective engines this month in Chicago

By Kenneth Lowe | Jul 23, 2014

A transportation company is suing Navistar, claiming it sold faulty engines in an entire class of vehicles and then tried covering it up.

Limo companies slap Caterpillar with class action suit over engines

By Andrew Thomason | Jun 16, 2014

Two Illinois limousine companies are seeking more than $5 million from one of the state’s largest manufactures, claiming it used deceptive practices to sell them defective engines.Windy City Limousine LLC and JKS Limousine LLC filed a class action lawsuit against Caterpillar Inc. June 9 in Chicago’s federal court.The plaintiffs assert they both leased-to-own vehicles containing Caterpillar diesel engines

Supreme Court hears arguments over jurisidiction in case brought by downstate school district

By Bethany Krajelis | Sep 17, 2013

The Illinois Supreme Court on Tuesday heard arguments over jurisdiction in a case that could affect a Madison County school district’s tax revenues.

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