News from July 2015

Cyclist seeks damages in holiday auto collision

By Carol Ostrow | Jul 1, 2015

A Cook County woman filed suit against a motorist claiming vehicular negligence in a 2013 accident. Brittany Thompson brought a complaint against Latrecia Brazil and Ramelle Wallace of Chicago on June 30 in Cook County Circuit Court, alleging recklessness in a July 2013 incident that allegedly left her with physical injuries. According to the filing, Brazil was driving a vehicle owned by Wallace eastbound on 31st Street near Lake Shore Drive in Chicago on or about July 4, 2013.

Southwest, Boeing, Hamilton Sundstrand sued over cabin depressurization on flight

By Jonathan Bilyk | Jul 1, 2015

A man who claims his eardrum was ruptured during a rapid loss of cabin pressure during an April flight from Las Vegas is suing the airline operating the flight and the companies who built the aircraft and the cabin pressurization system that allegedly failed.

Widow sues Springfield dentist for husband's death following oral surgery

By Jonathan Bilyk | Jul 1, 2015

The wife of a man who died allegedly as a result of complications from oral surgery to remove multiple teeth has sued a Springfield dentist for wrongful death.

$3 million Class action dismissed vs AT&T over $3.99 fee added to U-verse vacation hold bills

By Dana Herra | Jul 1, 2015

A class action lawsuit brought by a Chicago man against AT&T Inc. for $3 million over a $3.99 monthly surcharge applied to his U-verse television service bill has been dismissed.

Gas station owners’ suit rejected vs Chicago over menthol cigarettes ordinance

By Jonathan Bilyk | Jul 1, 2015

A federal judge has struck down a challenge by a group of Chicago service station and convenience store owners to a city ordinance intended to tamp down the marketing of flavored tobacco products to school children, but which the station operators said amounted to a de facto ban on the sale of menthol cigarettes almost everywhere in Chicago.

Mastro's busser brings class action vs steakhouse restaurant over tip pooling system

By Scott Holland | Jul 1, 2015

A man who worked as a busser at the Mastro’s Steakhouse in Chicago is suing the company for allegedly improperly operating a tip pooling system in violation of state and federal wage laws.

Parking lot worker alleges injuries from exploding equipment

By Carol Ostrow | Jul 1, 2015

A Cook County man filed suit against Trusco Manufacturing Co. and Airgas North Central Inc., claiming negligence in a 2013 accidental explosion of equipment he was using in a parking lot.

Court action alleges Catholic Church failed to protect boys from convicted sexual abuser priest Maday

By Dan Harkins | Jul 1, 2015

An unnamed Cook County man is suing the local diocese of the Catholic Church, alleging failure to protect minors from sexual abuse at the hands of a since-convicted priest during the man's time as an altar boy at a Chicago church.

Patient alleges neglectful post-operative treatement

By Dan Harkins | Jul 2, 2015

A patient recovering from gastric bypass surgery is suing a health care group, alleging neglectful post-operative care caused him to develop a bed sore.

Alleged early release from hospital leads to lawsuit

By Dan Harkins | Jul 2, 2015

A couple is suing an Evanston hospital and two doctors after the husband allegedly was released prematurely with a hematoma.

Vision damage prompts patient to sue doctor over alleged malpractice

By Carol Ostrow | Jul 2, 2015

A woman filed suit against an eye specialist and her practice, claiming medical malpractice in a 2014 treatment. Polina Grebelyuk brought a complaint against Lisa Young and Chicago Glaucoma Consultants Ltd. d/b/a Chicago Glaucoma Consultants and CGC Eye Center of Chicago in Cook County Circuit Court June 30, alleging professional negligence in the January 2014 incident.

Passenger alleges negligence in city bus accident

By Dan Harkins | Jul 2, 2015

A passenger allegedly injured on a city bus is suing the Chicago Transit Authority.

Fall at bakery leads to court action

By Dan Harkins | Jul 2, 2015

A couple is suing a local bakery, alleging negligence after the wife suffered a slip-related injury at the business.

Dermatologist claims laser tattoo removal tool is fraud, brings class action vs Mass.-based maker

By Stephanie N. Grimoldby | Jul 2, 2015

A Rockford area dermatology practice is suing a Massachusetts precision surgical tool manufacturer, alleging the company sold a laser tattoo removal tool to the clinic and hundreds of other clinics, yet knew the product did not eliminate or remove tattoos.

Estate alleges series of falls proved fatal to nursing home patient

By Dan Harkins | Jul 2, 2015

A woman's estate is suing a nursing home and staff after the woman suffered falls that allegedly contributed to her declining condition and eventual death.

Chicago elementary school principal sues CPS, spokesman for defamation over reports about her ouster

By Jonathan Bilyk | Jul 2, 2015

The former principal of a Chicago public elementary school has sued the Chicago Public Schools and a CPS spokesman, alleging the spokesman and CPS defamed her and violated her privacy rights when they indicated to Chicago news organizations last year that the principal had been removed from her position over a potential investigation into her conduct, prompting reports to surface allegedly linking her to falsified enrollment and reimbursement reports.

Patient alleges she was discharged with malaria

By Dan Harkins | Jul 2, 2015

A patient is suing two doctors, a medical practice and hospital, alleging she was discharged despite suffering from malaria.

Airport patron alleges injuires from elevator accident

By Dan Harkins | Jul 2, 2015

A Chicago man, allegedly injured when an elevator at O'Hare International Airport malfunctioned, is suing the city and the companies responsible for the elevator's condition.

Married couple sues pair of eye doctors, alleging malpractice led to blindness

By Carol Ostrow | Jul 2, 2015

A Cook County woman and man filed a lawsuit against a pair of ophthalmologists, claiming medical malpractice in a 2013 treatment complication that purportedly led to blindness in one eye.

Hair salon sued after woman falls out of rolling stylist chair

By Dan Harkins | Jul 3, 2015

A woman is suing after falling out of a stylist's rolling chair at a salon in Orland Hills and injuring herself.

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