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Woman seeks damages for alleged faulty care at Manor Care of Palos Heights facility

A resident of a nursing home is seeking financial restitution after her caregivers allegedly mishandled and dropped her on the floor multiple times.

Magnuson Hotel, owners sued over alleged bed bug bites

A former hotel guest is suing over insect bites she allegedly sustained from an overnight stay that required medical attention.

Cook County man's estate seeks restitution over wrongful death claims

The estate of a Cook County man who perished in a motorcycle accident seeks restitution for his alleged wrongful death.

Estate rep seeks restitution for alleged wrongful death for a woman's family

A representative for the estate of a deceased Cook County woman seeks restitution from a nursing home on behalf of the deceased's family for alleged wrongful death.

Companies sued over allegedly defective torch

Two severely injured men are suing the manufacturers of a reportedly faulty torch for allegedly defective merchandise and other damages.

The Renaissance Park South sued over alleged wrongful death of woman

An estate administrator is seeking financial restitution in the alleged wrongful death of a woman.

Advocate Christ Medical Center sued over allegations of wrongful death

A woman is seeking reimbursement and damages from Advocate Christ Medical Center for the alleged wrongful death of her mother.

Cook County man sues Jackson Park Hospital over alleged negligence after losing his eye after an altercation

A Cook County man is suing a hospital over alleged negligence claims after losing his eye after an altercation.

Cook County woman sues doctors over claims of malpractice and improper identification of her ailments

A Cook County woman is suing her doctors over allegations of malpractice and improper identification of her ailments after a failed bunionectomy.

Anonymous woman sues over allegations of assault, robbery by juvenile offender

An anonymous woman is seeking restitution for an alleged assault and robbery she suffered from a juvenile offender wearing an ankle bracelet while out on bond.

Woman sues Kindred Hospital Chicago-North over malpractice allegations

A patient is suing over malpractice allegations after her intravenous tube was dislodged by a member of a hospital staff.

Cook County property owner, son sue former tenants over allegations of libel and slander

A Cook County property owner and his son are suing two former tenants over libel and slander allegations.

Belhaven Nursing and Rehabilitation Center sued over allegations of negligence, wrongful death

An estate administrator is seeking restitution from Belhaven Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in the alleged wrongful death of a family member.

Cook County woman seeks damages over alleged negligence from doctor

A woman is seeking damages from a physician over alleged negligence after a surgery.

Doctor sued over malpractice claims following alleged plastic surgery complications

A woman has filed a malpractice suit against her doctor following alleged complications from a surgery.

Couple seeks restitution for wife's injury due to an alleged tree stump hazard on a business property

A couple seeks restitution for injury suffered after the wife fell due to an alleged hazard caused by a tree stump on a business property.

Chicago Sailing Inc., Westrec Marina Mangement Inc. sued over allegations of injury from electrocution

A Cook County man seeks restitution for injuries suffered after plugging in an allegedly faulty charger on a returned rented sailboat.

Rock River Academy & Residential Center sued over allegations of abuse

Several former residents of a Cook County residential center are suing for alleged sexual and physical abuse by the staff.

Chicago family sues for financial restitution, alleging wrongful death

A Chicago family is suing a long-term care facility, alleging wrongful death in the passing of a relative.

A Chicago worker seeks restitution for injuries allegedly suffered in fall on construction site

A Chicago worker is seeking restitution for injuries allegedly suffered in a fall while working on a residential construction site.