News from November 2015

Assistant manager OK to sue DSW over claims she was wrongly fired for calling cops to stop shoplifting

By Scott Holland | Nov 2, 2015

A federal judge has sided with an assistant manager who lost her job at a shoe store after she called police to curb a potential shoplifting incident in progress, ruling the woman can proceed with a lawsuit against her former employer for allegedly violating Illinois’ whistleblower law.

Elgin couple sues Chicago Special Events, alleging negligence in son’s injuries

By Robert Hadley | Nov 2, 2015

An Elgin mother and father are suing a Chicago events management firm, alleging injuries their minor son suffered during a storm at the Prairie Fest annual picnic.

Family sues Rest Haven Convalescent Home, alleging neglect of elderly resident

By Robert Hadley | Nov 2, 2015

A Cook County woman is suing a Downers Grove nursing facility, alleging negligence led to personal injury for an elderly resident.

Daughter alleges Manorcare’s negligence led to death of 89-year-old father

By Robert Hadley | Nov 2, 2015

A Cook County woman is suing a Libertyville nursing home, alleging negligence involving the death of her elderly father.

Cook County woman sues Presence Villa, alleging neglect in mother's death

By Robert Hadley | Nov 2, 2015

A Cook County woman is suing a Joliet nursing home, alleging negligence in the death of her mother.

Former smoker blames asbestos for cancer, sues companies for liability

By Robert Hadley | Nov 2, 2015

A Cook County couple is suing more than two dozen companies, alleging liability for the husband's asbestos exposure.

Peet's Coffee faces class action over how much coffee makes it from the press pot to the paper cup

By Jonathan Bilyk | Nov 2, 2015

A Winnetka man believes he and thousands of other customers of Peet’s Coffee have gotten too little French press coffee over the last five years, compared to what is advertised on the coffeehouse chain’s menus.

Daniels Sharpsmart sticks competitor Becton Dickinson with lawsuit over allegedly specious C.diff infection study

By Dan Churney | Nov 2, 2015

Medical waste disposal container company Daniels Sharpsmart has asked a Chicago federal judge to stem the spread of a medical study on hospital bacterial infection rates, which the company has alleged is specious, yet is being used by a competitor to infect the reputation of the company’s products.

Elgin man sues Suzuki, alleges it manufactured faulty brakes

By Robert Hadley | Nov 3, 2015

An Elgin man is suing Suzuki and an insurance company in a dispute involving a motorcycle accident.

Son accues Brentwood Healthcare Center of negligence in mother's death.

By Robert Hadley | Nov 3, 2015

A Cook County man is suing the Burbank nursing facility where his 80-year-old mother lived, alleging wrongful death.

Four police officers sue Dolton, mayor, alleging unlawful retaliation

By Robert Hadley | Nov 3, 2015

Four veteran police officers are suing the village of Dolton, the mayor and police chief of Dolton and two village trustees, alleging unlawful retaliation.

Son sues McAllister Nursing & Rehab, alleging neglect in father's death

By Robert Hadley | Nov 3, 2015

A Cook County man is suing a Tinley Park nursing home, alleging negligence in the death of his 75-year-old father.

ComEd sues customer, alleging failure to pay $42,000 in electric bills

By Robert Hadley | Nov 3, 2015

Commonwealth Edision is suing a medical practice, alleging money owed for electric service.

Patient sues dentist, alleging malpractice in dental restoration

By Robert Hadley | Nov 3, 2015

A Cook County woman is suing her dentist, alleging malpractice involving restorations of 14 of her teeth.

'The mold of what people think a judge should be': Retired state Supreme Court Justice Thomas Fitzgerald remembered, mourned

By Jonathan Bilyk | Nov 3, 2015

After a decade on Illinois’ state high court and decades more on the Cook County bench, Justice Tom Fitzgerald left a mark on the state and the law, thanks to “an old-school,” scholarly judicial temperament and approach, tempered by a warm, kind heart, say those who came to know him during his years presiding in courtrooms in Chicago and Springfield. Fitzgerald, 74, died Sunday, Nov. 1, at his home, according to a release from the Illinois Supreme Court.

Female officer sues Chicago Police, alleging sexual discrimination

By Robert Hadley | Nov 3, 2015

A female police officer is suing the Chicago Police Department, alleging it allowed her to be harassed by co-workers on the basis of her sexual orientation.

Lawyer tries to revive class action vs Palatine over personal information on parking tickets

By Jonathan Bilyk | Nov 3, 2015

A Chicago attorney is taking another shot at bringing a class action against a northwest suburban village over claims it includes too much personal information on the parking tickets it issues, arguing that, while federal courts rejected an earlier suit he argued over the ticket received by one particular man, the courts never formally dealt with his class allegations that the village's practices violated privacy rights of potentially thousands of others.

Med-Mal case vs clinic that receives federal grant money removed to federal court after US Atty steps in

By Hanna Nakano | Nov 3, 2015

A medical malpractice claim filed against a Chicago clinic and several associated doctors has been moved from Cook County Circuit Court to federal court, after the U.S. Attorney's office intervened on behalf of the clinic and its doctors because the clinic receives federal grant money.

Dentist slaps ABC7 with defamation suit over news report on his dental implant practice

By Scott Holland | Nov 4, 2015

A Chicago television station is facing legal action from a Chicago dentist covered in an investigative report aired by the station about one year ago. Irfan Atcha, a dentist who has practiced since 1996, is pursuing a defamation lawsuit against Chicago ABC affiliate station WLS-TV, as well as against ABC itself and ABC’s parent company, Disney. Atcha is a Chicago resident. He operates Dyer Family Dentistry in Dyer, Ind., as well as No Dentures, of Chicago. 

Daughter sues Elmwood Care, charges negligence in mother's death

By Robert Hadley | Nov 4, 2015

A Cook County woman is suing an Elmwood Park care facility, alleging negligence in the death of her mother.

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