News from May 2018

Sheriff seeks to throw out officers' Cook County court suit over Merit Board's makeup, says Board is now legit

By Dan Churney | May 1, 2018

Even as he seeks to dismiss a similar case in Chicago's federal court, Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart is also aiming to pop a lawsuit in Cook County Circuit Court in which seven sheriff's officers have asked for their disciplinary cases to be tossed because the sheriff's disciplinary board was improperly seated. The sheriff contends the board is now properly constituted and at any rate, the previously improper panel never disciplined the officers, much less even heard the officer's cases, he has asserted.

Chicago female paramedics sue over alleged pervasive sex harassment in Chicago Fire Department

By Scott Holland | May 1, 2018

A group of female paramedics have filed a lawsuit alleging pervasive sexual harassment in the Chicago Fire Department

Philip Morris USA Inc., others allegedly failed to properly warn man about dangers of smoking cigarettes

By Noddy A. Fernandez | May 1, 2018

A man is suing Philip Morris USA Inc., RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company, Liggett Group LLC and several other companies, citing alleged negligence.

Illinois Bone & Joint Institute, others allegedly failed to properly perform shoulder and arm procedures

By Noddy A. Fernandez | May 1, 2018

A woman is suing Dr. Craig Williams, Dr. Brian Donohue, the Illinois Bone & Joint Institute and several other health care providers, citing alleged negligence.

Cook County Assessor sues board of ethics over campaign contribution fines

By Noddy A. Fernandez | May 1, 2018

While his days in office are numbered after losing in the Democratic primary election in March, Cook County Assessor Joseph Berrios is suing the Cook County Board of Ethics and board members Peggy Daley, David Grossman, Thomas Szromba, Juliet Sorensen and Von Matthews for allegedly fining him for certain contributions that were made to his unsuccessful re-election campaign.

Judge: One unsolicited phone call on cell phone enough to allow class action lawsuit vs Allstate

By Justin Stoltzfus | May 1, 2018

A federal judge has denied a request to dismiss a class-action suit against Allstate for allegedly placing unsolicited sales calls to customers’ cell phones, even though the lead plaintiff received only one such phone call.

From Legal Newsline

Judge in massive opioid case watching plaintiff lawyer spending, orders them to fly coach

By Daniel Fisher | May 2, 2018

CLEVELAND (Legal Newsline) - The judge overseeing multidistrict litigation against the opioid industry ordered plaintiffs’ attorneys to keep monthly records of the time they spend on their cases down to a tenth of an hour and imposed strict rules on who can collect fees, in an effort to prevent the excesses that have drawn criticism in other class actions and mass tort cases.

Age discrimination law applies to job applicants, not just employees, appellate court finds

By D.M. Herra | May 2, 2018

A health care products company may have violated the Age Discrimination in Employment Act when it capped the number of years of experience applicants to its corporate counsel position could have, according to a divided federal appeals panel, which found anti-discrimination protections in place for employees should also be extended to job applicants.

Judge rejects request to toss $36M fraud lawsuit vs Mizzi, Canadian private equity firm over senior living venture

By Jonathan Bilyk | May 2, 2018

A Cook County judge will allow a Chicago development group to proceed with their lawsuit, alleging a Canadian businessman and companies with which he is affiliated owe them $36 million for alleged fraud in an arrangement for the purchase of American senior living facilities.

Judge tanks ex-MWRD cops' lawsuit over termination because they broadcast private convo on IL State Police frequency

By Robert Davis | May 2, 2018

A federal judge has squelched a lawsuit brought by two former Metropolitan Water Reclamation District police officers, who said their rights were violated with the MWRD fired them after the Illinois State Police informed their employer a private conversation between the two officers was broadcast over the state police's secure radio frequency.

Andy Frain Services hit with class action over scans of employee fingerprints for use with punch clocks

By Jenie Mallari-Torres | May 2, 2018

A woman has filed a class action lawsuit against Andy Frain Services Inc. and Andy Frain Security Inc. for alleged breach of contract, fraudulent inducement, invasion of privacy, negligence and violations of the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act (BIPA).

Emergency Healthcare Physicians Ltd., others allegedly failed to properly reposition patient's lap band

By Jenie Mallari-Torres | May 2, 2018

A former patient is suing Dr. Vytas Saulis, Emergency Healthcare Physicians Ltd., Adventist LaGrange Memorial Hospital, Dr. Frederick Tiesenga and Tiesenga Surgical Associates SC, citing alleged negligence.

Appeals court says no proof Chicago cops blocked exit door in deadly 2003 E2 nightclub stampede

By Dan Churney | May 3, 2018

An Illinois appeals panel has upheld a Cook County judge's ruling, which cleared Chicago police of causing the deaths of patrons by preventing them from leaving the E2 nightclub in Chicago during a stampede there in 2003 that took 21 lives and injured more than 50.

Former state's attorney Alvarez threatens ex-Springfield reporter, current state's attorney with defamation suit

By Jonathan Bilyk | May 3, 2018

Cook County former top prosecutor Anita Alvarez has threatened to sue prominent Illinois journalist Kerry Lester and Kim Foxx, who succeeded Alvarez as Cook County State’s Attorney, unless Lester agrees to retract statements attributed to Foxx in Lester’s new book on sexual harassment in Illinois politics, in which Foxx claims Alvarez failed to act to stop ongoing sexual harassment within her office because the alleged harasser was a friend.

Appeals panel lets woman renew lawsuit vs hotel whose security guard allegedly raped her in her room

By Scott Holland | May 3, 2018

A state appeals panel will allow a woman and her husband to resume their lawsuit against the owners of a Skokie hotel where they say a security guard raped the woman.

Advocate Good Samaritan Hospital, others allegedly failed to timely detect fatal medical condition

By Noddy A. Fernandez | May 3, 2018

An estate representative is suing Advocate Good Samaritan Hospital, Dr. Bruce Donenberg, Dr. Eileen Margaret Walls-Collins, a nurse and several other health care providers, citing alleged breach of duty and medical negligence.

Aperion Care Midlothian, others allegedly failed to prevent woman from developing pressure sores

By Noddy A. Fernandez | May 3, 2018

A patient's relative is suing Aperion Care Midlothian, Aperion Consulting LLC, Aperion Financial LLC and a nurse for allegedly failing to provide adequate medical care.

UCM Community Health Hospital Divisions, others allegedly failed to timely detect infection

By Noddy A. Fernandez | May 3, 2018

A patient is suing UCM Community Health Hospital Divisions Inc., which was formerly known as Ingalls Health System; Women's Healthcare Associates of Illinois S.C.; and Dr. Biren Shah for alleged negligence.

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