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Customer's trip over extension cord lands Polish buffet owner in court

By Ashley Perry | Dec 4, 2014

A Cook County woman is suing the owners of a Broadview restaurant that serves a buffet of Polish-American cuisine over claims she fell over an extension cord.

McGuireWoods seeks $400K-plus from former clients-turned-opponents in ongoing litigation

By Ashley Perry | Dec 4, 2014

A law firm with a Chicago office is suing a group of former clients it claims owes more than $400,000 in legal fees, the latest move in ongoing litigation between the two parties.

Woman blames Northwestern, Au Bon Pain owner and operator for motorized scooter injury

By Ashley Perry | Dec 3, 2014

A Cook County woman suit against a hospital and restaurant after allegedly being hit by a handicapped woman's motor scooter in a hospital restaurant.

Suit: Asbestos exposure led to former welder's mesothelioma, death

By Ashley Perry | Nov 26, 2014

MartinThe widow of a former welder is suing over claims her husband died from mesothelioma that was caused from asbestos exposure. Thelma Totten, as special administrator of the Estate of William Totten, filed a complaint Nov. 18 in Cook County Circuit Court against A.W. Chesterton Co., H.B. Fuller Co., Union Carbide Chemicals and Plastics Co. and dozens of other companies.According to the complaint,

Hotel guest claims toilet leak caused his fall

By Ashley Perry | Nov 26, 2014

A Cook County man is suing the owners of a resort and indoor water park in Gurnee over claims a toilet leak caused him to fall.

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