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Attorney accuses medical providers of negligence

CHICAGO — An attorney-in-fact is suing Hoffman Estate health care providers, alleging insufficient measures were taken to prevent injuries and negligence for her client.

Guardian alleges health care providers' negligence led to ailments

CHICAGO — A guardian is suing Chicago health care providers, alleging their negligence cause a disabled person's health to deteriorate.

Daughter blames Chicago medical facility for mother's death

CHICAGO — A daughter is suing a Chicago nursing home and staff, alleging negligence led to her mother's death.

Wife blames medical professionals for husband's death

CHICAGO — A widow is suing health professionals and a Chicago hospital, alleging their negligence caused her husband's death. 

Family accuses health care provider of medical malpractice

CHICAGO — An estate administrator is suing a Harvey hospital, alleging negligence and medical malpractice caused a relative's death.

Daughter blames medical facility for mother's death

CHICAGO — A daughter is suing a Blue Island medical facility, alleging insufficient measures were taken to prevent her mother's injuries and death.

Patient alleges clinic allowed unlicensed doctor to provide psychiatric aid

CHICAGO — A patient is suing a Chicago clinic, alleging it allowed an unauthorized doctor to provide psychiatric care to patients.

Family accuses two hospitals of wrongful death

Special administrator accuses healthcare providers of wrongful deathCHICAGO — A special administrator is suing JohnH.

Family accuses Orland Park health facility of wrongful death

CHICAGO — A special administrator for an estate is suing an Orland Park health facility, alleging negligence and wrongful death.

Anesthesia clinic alleges medical facility owes $95K

CHICAGO — A Belvidere anesthesia clinic is suing a Frankfort medical facility, alleging the defendant did not pay the nearly $95,000 owed under a contract.

Family accuses truck owners of wrongful death in pedestrian fatality

CHICAGO — The administrators of an estate are suing the owners and operator of a truck, alleging negligence caused a fatality. 

Shopper alleges food store's negligence caused her injuries

CHICAGO — A customer is suing a food store business, alleging its negligence caused her to suffer injuries.

Eldson Medical Pharmacy allegedly sold man wrong medication

CHICAGO — A customer is suing a Chicago pharmacy and one of its employees after he allegedly was given the wrong medicine and had an allergic reaction. 

Customer blames Berwyn fruit market for fall on ice

CHICAGO — A customer is suing a Berwyn produce market after allegedly slipping and falling on ice near the store's entrance.