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Man sues owner of property where he allegedly fell, sustained injuries

A man has filed suit against the owner of an apartment complex where he alleges he fell on defective stairs.

Cyclist accuses fire department employee of causing collision


Customer's fall on wet floor lands Applebee's in court

A man suffered various injuries after slipping on a wet floor at an area Applebee's, according to a recently filed lawsuit.

Mandell Menkes firm accuses VersusLaw of not paying $50K legal bill


Woman sues owners of Louis Joliet Mall over fall


Woman files lawsuit against Jazzercise over parking lot slip and fall


Bank seeks $45K-plus over allegedly unpaid loan


IDOT seeks court's OK to acquire, buy private property for U.S. Route 14 project

The Illinois Department of Transportation is seeking a court order to acquire property so it can widen and reconstruct U.S. Route 14 at Wilke Road in Cook County.

Woman files lawsuit against city over sidewalk fall


Cleaning woman says slippery substance caused her to fall in client's home

A woman has filed suit against the owner of a Cook County home where she allegedly fell on a slippery substance after cleaning.Zofia Polak filed suit July 8 in the Cook County Circuit Court against Surma Franciszka and Michael Haverty.According to the complaint, Franciszka hired Polak to assist in cleaning Haverty’s home on July 9, 2012. She claims Haverty allegedly instructed her to exit through the

Man sues Sallie Mae over claims it refused to settle student loan dispute


Woman blames Menards for slip and fall over liquid on floor


Parents claim forceps-assisted delivery caused their baby to have seizures


Suit: Man died hours after transportation company failed to pick up him for medical appointment


Slip and fall over noodles spurs suit against hibachi grill restaurant


Man files asbestos lawsuit against 49 companies

EganA former laborer has filed a lawsuit over allegations he developed mesothelioma after working around products containing asbestos.Robert Pensinger filed an asbestos lawsuit July 7 in the Cook County Circuit Court against 49 defendant companies.In his complaint, Pensinger alleges the defendants caused him to develop mesothelioma after being exposed to their asbestos-containing products throughout