News from August 2016

Chicago City Hall asks judge to block union-backed order to OK destruction of police disciplinary records

By Scott Holland | Aug 1, 2016

The city of Chicago has asked a judge to step in to block the destruction of old police discipline records, which the union representing Chicago’s police officers has said should be destroyed, per a five-year time limit the union has said is spelled out in provisions in the officers’ collective bargaining agreement governing the disciplinary records. 

Walgreens accused of invasion of privacy with emails

By Louie Torres | Aug 1, 2016

CHICAGO – A man alleges a pharmacy incorrectly sent sensitive information to his father.

APAC Centres for Pain Management patient alleges negligence caused injury

By Louie Torres | Aug 1, 2016

CHICAGO – A pain clinic patient has filed suit alleging she was injured because of the clinic's negligence.

Administrator alleges woman died from pain medication overdose

By Louie Torres | Aug 1, 2016

CHICAGO – An estate administrator alleges his decedent died as a result of a toxic overdose of pain medication provided at a hospital.

Class action says Adventist Midwest underpaid its home health care workers

By Jonathan Bilyk | Aug 1, 2016

A home health care worker has brought a potential class action lawsuit against Adventist Midwest Health, saying the health care system has underpaid him and other home health nurses, therapists and others by paying them per visit, without overtime and other compensation he claims they should have been required to pay under federal and state wage laws.

Woman claims hose at Village Woods caused her to fall

By Louie Torres | Aug 2, 2016

CHICAGO – A Crete business is alleged to have created an unsafe condition that caused a woman to fall.

Couple claims doctor did not diagnose cancer in timely manner

By Louie Torres | Aug 2, 2016

CHICAGO – A couple has filed suit against a doctor and several health care affiliates over allegations that breast cancer was not timely diagnosed.

Woman files suit against unknown individual over identity theft claims

By Louie Torres | Aug 2, 2016

CHICAGO – A Chicago woman currently attending college in Wisconsin alleges an unknown individual stole her identity and committed fraudulent acts.

Palos Community Hospital, others accused of wrongful death

By Louie Torres | Aug 2, 2016

CHICAGO – An estate administrator has filed a suit against several health care providers and medical centers alleging wrongful death.

Customers allege Transit Nightclub security caused injuries

By Louie Torres | Aug 2, 2016

CHICAGO – Two nightclub patrons allege they were assaulted by bouncers.

Lawyer doesn't need to cough up fees paid out of retirement account in divorce case, appeals panel says

By Dan Churney | Aug 2, 2016

A state appellate court reversed a Cook County judge’s ruling in a divorce case, saying the husband’s lawyer doesn’t have to turn his fees over to the wife’s attorneys in order to even out the financial playing field between the parties. The panel also said the courts can't order a spouse to open a retirement account to pay lawyers.

Judge tosses Slovakian painter's sex discrimination suit vs Morton HS District, laments law can't apply

By Jonathan Bilyk | Aug 2, 2016

A male Slovakian painter who formerly worked at Morton East High School has failed in his bid to make the district and his former supervisors pay for failing to stop what a federal judge described as “appalling” harassment from his coworkers.

Illinois law aims to rein in unneeded local government travel costs

By Dawn Geske | Aug 2, 2016

The state of Illinois has moved to rein in the spending of the state's local governments on employee travel - spending which some have criticized as wasteful of taxpayers' dollars.

Judge tosses privacy action vs locker concession Smarte Carte, says no harm from storing fingerprints

By Jonathan Bilyk | Aug 3, 2016

Smarte Carte, one of America’s largest providers of rentable storage lockers at train stations, airports, amusement parks and other popular locations, has beaten back a privacy class action lawsuit, after a Chicago federal judge ruled the company didn’t violate a controversial Illinois biometric privacy law by storing, without explicit advanced consent, fingerprints used by patrons to open the lockers.

SEIU Chicago leadership deposed by national union; lawsuit vs Local 73 president still pending

By Jonathan Bilyk | Aug 3, 2016

Saying the governance of the union’s local organization had slipped into “crisis,” the Service Employees International Union has stepped in to depose the union’s existing leadership and appointing trustees to lead the Chicago-based Local 73 to end “incessant infighting,” exemplified in public in legal actions pending in Chicago courtrooms, and which show few signs of cooling down.

Administrator files wrongful death suit against Generations at Oakton Pavillion

By Louie Torres | Aug 3, 2016

CHICAGO – An estate administrator claims a Des Plaines long-term nursing care facility did not provide proper care, allegedly causing a woman's death.

Pink Monkey host says patron bit off ear, files suit for damages

By Louie Torres | Aug 3, 2016

CHICAGO – A front door host for a Chicago gentlemen's club alleges a patron struck him in the head and bit off his left ear.

Suit filed against doctors, hospital claiming surgery complications caused woman's death

By Louie Torres | Aug 4, 2016

CHICAGO – An estate administrator alleges his mother died from complications from a hernia surgery.

Homebuyers allege they were not told about flooding issues before purchase

By Louie Torres | Aug 4, 2016

CHICAGO – A Chicago couple alleges the previous owner of their home knew the property had flooding issues and did not disclose it before the sale.

Woman alleges she was treated by man who was not a licensed professional

By Louie Torres | Aug 4, 2016

CHICAGO – A woman alleges a health care center employed a man and represented him as a licensed health care professional when he was not.

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