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Chicago plaintiffs firm is plaintiff in class action lawsuit against telecom company

ROCKFORD - A Chicago plaintiffs firm has filed a class action lawsuit against a telecommunications company it previously contracted with, arguing it charged the law firm “unlawful and unconscionable” termination fees.

Settlement ends legal food fight over The Purple Pig; Harris no longer associated with River North restaurant

A legal food fight, in which some of the more prominent names in Chicago’s culinary scene served up accusations against one another of mismanagement, financial wrongdoing and other scurrilous allegations, appears to have ended quietly, with at least one of the former partners in The Purple Pig walking away from the popular River North restaurant.

Woman claims hysterectomy error caused injuries

CHICAGO — A woman is suing a doctor and two health-care entities for alleged negligence, claiming a robotic--assisted hysterectomy went wrong and resulted in perforation of her sigmoid colon.

Health-care providers sued after heart-attack death

CHICAGO — The administrator of a deceased man's estate is suing a doctor and two health-care entities, saying a 48-year-old man died of a heart attack due to medical negligence.

State considering lump-sum pension buyouts, but lawmakers say proposals in very early stages

Illinois state lawmakers are in very early talks about giving retired government workers a choice much like lottery winners: Collect the pension benefits owed to them over several years, or cash out immediately but with a smaller lump sum.