News from December 2017

Glenn Gutnayer Custom Homes LLC, others allegedly failed to provide adequate safety equipment

By Louie Torres | Dec 1, 2017

A man is suing Glenn Gutnayer Custom Homes LLC, GCW Inc., Residential Steel Fabricators Inc. and Berdi Services Inc. for alleged negligence.

Illinois e-filing requirement may not mean easier public access to court filings

By Dee Thompson | Dec 1, 2017

At the turn of the New Year, county circuit court systems across Illinois are expected to take a leap into the 21st Century, as they begin to require all civil court documents to be filed electronically, under an order from the state's Supreme Court. However, the steps into the digital age may not necessarily ensure greater or easier access to otherwise public court documents in the state.

Ethicon Endo-Surgery Inc., others accused of negligently performing surgery

By Louie Torres | Dec 1, 2017

A man is suing Dr. Freidoon Azizi, Ethicon Endo-Surgery Inc., Johnson & Johnson, Ethicon Endo-Surgery LLC and Ethicon Inc. for alleged negligence.

Family Medicine for McHenry County, others accused of failing to properly diagnose medical condition

By Louie Torres | Dec 1, 2017

An estate administrator is suing several health providers for allegedly failing to properly diagnose a patient's medical condition.

Leak & Sons Funeral Home accused of burying corpse without family's consent

By Louie Torres | Dec 1, 2017

Three family members are suing Leak & Sons Funeral Home and Spencer Leak & Sons Funeral Home Ltd. for alleged intentional infliction of emotional distress and negligence.

Warren Barr South Loop allegedly failed to prevent patient from getting a urinary tract infection

By Louie Torres | Dec 1, 2017

A man is suing Warren Barr South Loop, Maplewood Care and three nurses for alleged negligence.

Symphony of Morgan Park, others allegedly failed to prevent patient from falling

By Louie Torres | Dec 1, 2017

A woman is suing Symphony of Morgan Park, Nucare Services Corp., Maestro Consulting Services LLC, and two nurses for alleged negligence.

CPS: New IL schools funding law 'major step toward equality,' shelves class action vs state over ed funding

By Karen Kidd | Dec 1, 2017

Chicago's public school officials have shelved their attempt to use a lawsuit to address Illinois' "broken" public education funding system, saying an education funding reform law enacted by the state earlier this fall has helped satisfy their concerns.

Flight attendants' minimum wage class action claims grounded vs SkyWest Airlines

By Scott Holland and Jonathan Bilyk | Dec 1, 2017

A federal judge has permanently grounded a class action lawsuit brought against SkyWest Airlines by a group of flight attendants, who the judge said still haven't made their case the airline paid them so little it violated minimum wage laws.

Illinois Courts Commission 'retires' Cook Co. judge who suffers from Alzheimer's, let ex-clerk hear cases

By Jonathan Bilyk | Dec 1, 2017

Illinois’ state judicial oversight commission has permanently removed from the bench a Cook County judge who has asserted she has Alzheimer’s disease, which contributed to her decision to allow a fomer law clerk who was running for a judgeship, but who had not yet been elected, to preside as if she was a judge over cases from the bench in her courtroom.

IL Supreme Court: Judges can't force lawyers to cough up fees earned in divorce cases, other litigation

By Scott Holland | Dec 2, 2017

Saying to find otherwise could lead to “absurd” and “inconvenient” problems for lawyers, Illinois’ state Supreme Court said a judge was wrong to order one lawyer to essentially pay another lawyer out of her fees earned representing one of the spouses in a divorce proceeding.

Illinois State Toll Highway Authority asks court to order sale of land for highway project

By Louie Torres | Dec 4, 2017

The Illinois Tollway has filed suit against several landholders, including Hotel Mannheim Chicago LLC, Hotel Mannheim EB-5 Lender LLC, Mehp O'Hare Operating LLC, Southwest Painting & Decorating Inc., The Edge Construction Company Inc., Midway Enterprises Inc., Mechanical Inc., Kas Electric Corporation, Clear Channel Outdoor Inc., Classic Air Inc., K Builders LLC and unknown owners and non-record claimants to acquire land for a tollway project under Illinois' eminent domain laws.

Hyatt Corporation accused of collecting biometric data without properly informing employees

By Louie Torres | Dec 4, 2017

A worker has filed a class action lawsuit against Hyatt Corporation for alleged invasion of privacy and violation of state law.

Doctors accused of misdiagnosing child's skull condition, leading to children's removal from home by state

By Louie Torres | Dec 4, 2017

A couple is suing Dr. Randy Miles, Dr. Christina Zhang, Dr. Y.S. Hahn and Dr. Edward A. Michaels for alleged negligence in medically treating their child.

Illinois law requiring taxpayers to pay for abortions faces court challenge; no funding source ID'd, suit says

By Michael Carroll | Dec 4, 2017

Anti-abortion groups have filed a lawsuit challenging an Illinois law that clears the way for the public funding of elective abortions beginning on Jan. 1, saying the legislation violates the Illinois state constitution's requirements that lawmakers first identify where the tens of millions of dollars will come from to pay for more than 40,000 abortions per year.

IL Supreme Court: Citibank has no claim on sales tax refunds from bad auto loans

By Dan Churney | Dec 4, 2017

The Illinois Supreme Court has upended Cook County and appellate rulings, saying Citibank has no claim to $1.6 million in state sales taxes paid through defaulted auto loans, because such tax refunds should go to the auto dealer, not the lender.

Life Time Fitness accused of collecting employee fingerprint scans without consent

By Louie Torres | Dec 5, 2017

An employee has filed a class-action lawsuit against Life Time Fitness Inc. and LTF Club Operations Company Inc. for alleged invasion of privacy and violation of state law.

Clifford Law Offices P.C. accused of negligence in wrongful death suit

By Louie Torres | Dec 5, 2017

An estate administrator is suing Isobel S. Thomas and Clifford Law Offices P.C. for alleged negligence.

Cook County man sued for allegedly striking Palos Park woman with car

By Louie Torres | Dec 5, 2017

An estate administrator is suing a man for allegedly striking a woman with his car, causing her death.

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