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Parking lot fall spurs suit against city, university and parking company

A woman is suing over claims she sustained injuries after falling in a parking lot near DePaul University.

Former fireman lodges asbestos suit over mesothelioma


Chicago law firm accuses attorney of keeping settlement proceeds


Insurance company claims it has no duty to defendants in class action suit over alleged lanlord tenant violations

The owners of a single-room occupancy residential building in Chicago’s Near West Side could have to face a class action suit over alleged unsanitary conditions, illegal evictions and other violations of the city's landlord-tenant ordinance without the help of its insurer.On June 24, Richmond, Va.-based insurance carrier James River Insurance Co. filed a complaint for declaratory judgment in Chicago's

Nursing home resident claims she fractured her leg when staff dropped her


Suit accuses company of not paying for $613K worth of cleaning chemicals


Supreme Court set to rule on constitutional challenge over state retiree health insurance law

The Illinois Supreme Court on Thursday is expected to decide whether a law requiring state retirees to start paying premiums for their health insurance is constitutional.The anticipated ruling in Roger Kanerva et al., etc. v. Malcolm Weems, etc., et al. will not only resolve the constitutional question for thousands of retirees affected by the new law, but will likely provide court watchers and state

Woman claims lawyer, real estate agents conspired to commit fraud in property deal


Alleged fall outside McCormick Place lands city, MPEA in court

A woman is suing over claims she was injured after tripping on a sidewalk outside McCormick Place.

Burbank nursing home hit with wrongful death suit


Suit: Contractor didn't finish project and overcharged for it

A contractor is facing accusations that he didn't finish a client's construction project and overcharged for it.

Women blames West Suburban Medical Center for heel ulcers

A woman is suing an Oak Park hospital, alleging that its negligent care led her to develop ulcers.

Injury from shattered window results in lawsuit against property owner

A mother is suing a Chicago property owner over allegations her daughter was injured while closing a window in their apartment.

Suburban fitness center, trainer face suit over woman's injury on step equipment


Woman accuses property managers of negligence after alleged fall down stairs


Dental assistant lodges sexual discrimination complaint against former employer

A dental assistant is suing her former employer, claiming she was fired after the birth of her child.

Couple blames Manhattan Medical Clinic for man's facial paralysis


Slip and fall lands East Dundee property owners in court

East Dundee property managers are facing a lawsuit from a man who allegedly injured himself in a slip and fall on their property.

CTA, drivers face suit from bus passenger over California Avenue collision


City of Chicago hit with suit over alleged fall on Winona Avenue sidewalk

A man is suing the city, alleging a broken sidewalk caused him to fall and sustain injuries.