News from May 2016

Daughter blames Park Ridge rehabilitation center for mother's death

By Louie Torres | May 11, 2016

CHICAGO — An estate administrator is suing a Park Ridge rehabilitation center, alleging negligence caused her mother's death. 

Patient alleges St. Francis Hospital, doctor prescribed wrong drug

By Wadi Reformado | May 11, 2016

CHICAGO — A Cook County patient is suing a doctor and an Evanston hospital, alleging negligence in prescribing the wrong drug.

Patient blames dentist for injuries, need for more treatment

By Louie Torres | May 11, 2016

CHICAGO — An Illinois patient is suing a dentist, alleging negligence over nine years of treatment.

Illinois man alleges governor violated his civil rights in job application

By Louie Torres | May 11, 2016

CHICAGO — An Illinois man is suing Gov. Bruce Rauner, alleging civil rights violations in failing to publish a report regarding all applications and appointees to state boards.

Visitor blames U. of Chicago Medical Center for injuries

By Louie Torres | May 11, 2016

CHICAGO — A Cook County woman is suing the University of Chicago Medical Center, alleging negligence caused her to suffer injuries.

Giving out mobile number in business emails could be consent to get texts

By Karen Kidd | May 11, 2016

A text message sent to a real estate agent by a Chicago real estate brokerage seeking recruits didn't qualify as telemarketing or an advertisement under the Federal Communications Commission's definitions, a Chicago federal judge said earlier this year. And since the agent voluntarily provided his mobile phone number to the brokerage in emails several years earlier, the agent didn't have legal leeway to claim he didn't provide his consent, either. 

Lawsuit accusing Grubhub of sending too many unwanted text messages lands in federal court

By Scott Holland | May 11, 2016

A Chicago woman’s class action lawsuit that accused Chicago-based food delivery app operator Grubhub of sending unwanted text messages in violation of federal law, has landed in federal court.

Class action: IL hospitals should repay taxpayers for years of unconstitutional tax exemptions

By Jonathan Bilyk | May 11, 2016

In the wake of an Illinois appellate court decision striking down as unconstitutional the state law allowing Illinois’ nonprofit hospitals to avoid property taxes, a Chicago real estate investment group has filed a class action lawsuit against all every hospital in Illinois, alleging property owners in Cook County and elsewhere have been forced to pay higher real estate taxes than they otherwise should have to make up for what the plaintiffs allege the hospitals should have been paying.

Consumers who bought products with LCD screens could get restitution following settlement

By Taryn Phaneuf | May 12, 2016

CHICAGO — Consumers in Illinois have six months to claim their part of a $104 million settlement reached by the state Attorney General’s Office with manufacturers of products that have liquid crystal display (LCD) screens following claims that the companies illegally fixed the prices of screens used in electronic devices, including TVs and computers.

Arabic-speaking man says didn't understand signed forms, but still can't sue Palos hospital

By Dana Herra | May 12, 2016

Palos Community Hospital’s clear and repeated notices that doctors are contractors, not employees, proved the undoing of a man’s medical malpractice suit, even though he claimed he could not read the notices.

Daughter blames Chicago medical facility for mother's death

By Philip Gonzales | May 12, 2016

CHICAGO — A daughter is suing a Chicago nursing home and staff, alleging negligence led to her mother's death.

Cook County woman accuses Harold Washington College of defamation

By Wadi Reformado | May 12, 2016

CHICAGO — A Cook County woman is suing Harold Washington College, alleging the school made false statements against the plaintiff.

Group connected to Madigan, Emanuel sues to block redistricting amendment from ballot

By Jonathan Bilyk | May 12, 2016

An attorney connected to powerful Democratic Illinois House Speaker Michael J. Madigan has filed suit in Cook County Circuit Court to block a referendum from landing on the ballot, which would ask Illinois voters to reform the way Illinois creates the legislative districts from which state lawmakers are elected.

IL Supreme Court to hear arguments in special evening session May 17, in Lisle May 19

By Karen Kidd | May 13, 2016

SPRINGFIELD – The Illinois Supreme Court has again invited the state's lawmakers and chief executive to a special evening session to observe the court in action. And two days later, the court will convene before an auditorium filled with students, teachers and other members of the public in Chicago's western suburbs during a rare session outside of Springfield, offering many a chance to see the court in action who may not otherwise get the chance. 

Lawsuit says Wiener Circle's 'hostile environment' led to broken arm, wins appeal

By Scott Holland | May 13, 2016

A state appeals court’s ruling has ordered up yet more legal trouble for the owners of Chicago’s famous Wiener Circle restaurant, who a woman said don’t do enough to protect her and other customers should the restaurant’s renowned rowdy atmosphere spark altercations, like the one the woman claimed resulted in her suffering a broken arm.

Guardian alleges health care providers' negligence led to ailments

By Philip Gonzales | May 13, 2016

CHICAGO — A guardian is suing Chicago health care providers, alleging their negligence cause a disabled person's health to deteriorate.

Patient alleges nursing home negligence caused her injuries

By The Cook County Record | May 13, 2016

CHICAGO — A woman is suing a Chicago nursing home, alleging insufficient measures were taken to prevent injuries and suffering.

Lawyer needed to have verbal fee-sharing agreement in writing to enforce his claim: Appeals panel

By Dan Churney | May 13, 2016

An Illinois appeals court has upheld a McHenry County judge’s ruling that a Chicago lawyer is not obliged to give a slice of his $1.4 million legal fee to the suburban lawyer who referred a malpractice case to him, because the referring lawyer didn’t abide by rules requiring he inform the client the fee would be split.

State can force IL child care, home care workers to be represented by union, federal judge says

By Jonathan Bilyk | May 13, 2016

While the U.S. Supreme Court declared two years ago that the state cannot compel independent home care and child care workers from paying money to public employees unions out of the checks they receive for their work from the state, a Chicago federal judge said the Constitution does not similarly forbid the state from requiring those same workers to be represented by a union.

Woman files malpractice suit after allegedly faulty knee replacement surgery

By The Cook County Record | May 13, 2016

CHICAGO – A woman alleges that a knee replacement was negligently performed and is seeking damages.

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