News from October 2016

Chicago given third try at pressing opioid deception fraud suit vs drugmakers

By Dan Churney | Oct 3, 2016

A Chicago federal judge is giving City Hall a third try to refine its opioid fraud lawsuit vs drugmakers.

Judge: Chicago affordable housing rules constitutional; developers' rights not violated, can't sue City Hall

By Jonathan Bilyk | Oct 3, 2016

The city of Chicago has the constitutional authority to require developers of new condo and apartment buildings to designate a portion of the project as “affordable housing,” a federal judge has said - and developers should enter into a new project understanding the rule could apply to them, despite efforts to avoid it.

Man accused of owing Law Offices of Jeffery M. Leving $503K

By Louie Torres | Oct 3, 2016

A prominent family law firm is suing a man over claims he owes them more than $500,000 in unpaid legal bills.

Crosby's Kitchen injury case blamed on obstructed stairway

By Louie Torres | Oct 3, 2016

A man who had a job delivering food products is suing a restaurant operation over alleged liability for injuries he suffered when he allegedly fell down a stairway with his cart.

Specialty Physicians of Illinois accused of negligence regarding wrist fracture

By Louie Torres | Oct 3, 2016

A woman is suing over alleged medical negligence in the treatment of a wrist fracture.

Illinois Bone and Joint Institute, others accused of negligent care of broken bone

By Louie Torres | Oct 3, 2016

A couple and their son have filed a complaint alleging doctors didn't properly treat the boy's leg, leading to permanent nerve injury.

Alden Town Manor accused of failing to properly supervise resident

By Louie Torres | Oct 3, 2016

A deceased woman's family is suing nursing home Alden Town Manor Rehabilitation and Health Care Center, Inc., and other affiliated corporate entities, alleging insufficient measures were taken to prevent the woman's injuries.

Pennsylvania win could boost FTC in antitrust campaign against Advocate/NorthShore merger

By Quinten Plummer | Oct 3, 2016

As it attempts to stop the merger of the Advocate and NorthShore health systems in Illinois, the Federal Trade Commission scored a possibly influential win in Pennsylvania as the regulatory body continues its campaign to keep healthcare systems as competitive as possible.

Cruise line, others agree to pay up to $76M to end lawsuit over telemarketing cloaked as surveys

By Jonathan Bilyk | Oct 4, 2016

A cruise line and other companies accused of allegedly cloaking telemarketing calls as nonprofit surveys have agreed to settle a federal class action lawsuit against them, agreeing to pay potentially as much as $76 million – including potentially as much as $24 million to plaintiffs’attorneys - to end the litigation before it went to trial.

7th Circuit appeals judges lift injunction blocking Illinois Election Day voter registration program

By Jonathan Bilyk | Oct 4, 2016

Saying the law imposes only a “minimal inconvenience" on voters living in low population counties who wish to register to vote on Election Day when compared to the benefits of expanding voting opportunities in counties with more people, Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan has asked a federal appeals court to overturn a federal judge’s block of a state law allowing Election Day voter registration at polling places in Cook County and other Illinois counties in which more than 100,000 people liv

Non-compete agreements banned for low-wage employees in Illinois

By Dawn Geske | Oct 4, 2016

A new law prohibiting non-compete agreements for low-wage earners has been signed into law by Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner.

Jury awards $1M to doctor who alleged Advocate fired him for trying to out a 'sex predator' coworker

By Jonathan Bilyk | Oct 5, 2016

A Cook County jury has awarded $1 million to a doctor who alleged Advocate Health had fired him from his post at Oak Lawn’s Advocate Christ Medical Center in retaliation for his attempt to out a superior he accused of being a “sexual predator” towards resident doctors at the hospital.

Presence Resurrection Medical Center blamed in fall that broke man's neck

By Louie Torres | Oct 5, 2016

A deceased man's family is suing Presence Resurrection Medical Center in a wrongful death claim alleging the hospital didn't do enough to prevent the man from falling and breaking his neck.

P.F. Chang's China Bistro blamed for broken teeth

By Louie Torres | Oct 5, 2016

A customer is suing P.F. Chang's, claiming something in his meal caused him to break several teeth.

Metrosouth Medical Center accused of failing to diagnose cancer

By Louie Torres | Oct 5, 2016

An administrator of a deceased woman's estate is suing a doctor, identified as Palmer J. Blakley, M.D.; Metrosouth Medical Center; and Unimed Ltd., alleging wrongful death after the medical professionals and organizations allegedly failed to diagnose and treat the woman's lung cancer.

Warren Barr Gold Coast accused in Legionnaire's disease death

By Louie Torres | Oct 5, 2016

An administrator of a deceased woman's estate is suing Warren Barr Living & Rehab Center, LLC, which does business as Warren Barr Gold Coast, alleging that negligence at the nursing facility led to the woman's death from Legionnaire's disease.

Northshore University Healthsystem accused of negligence that led to heart attack

By Louie Torres | Oct 6, 2016

A patient who had a heart attack after surgery claims he was taken off anticoagulant medicine too far in advance of the surgery and was improperly cleared for the procedure.

Heather Health Care Center accused of not preventing woman's pressure ulcers

By Louie Torres | Oct 6, 2016

A woman's family is suing Heather Health Care Center Inc., The Alden Group, and Alden Management Services Inc., alleging negligence in nursing home care.

Cook County launches health program for uninsured residents; expects to pay for it from cost savings

By Kristin Danley-Greiner | Oct 6, 2016

Cook County has unveiled a new program officials say will help thousands of uninsured county residents afford health care, providing eligible residents access to primary and specialty care through the Cook County Health and Hospitals System (CCHHS).

Appeals panel: Time limits won't block victims of serial sexual abuser from suing Boy Scouts

By Scott Holland | Oct 6, 2016

A former Boy Scout, whose Scoutmaster sexually abused him between 1983 and 1986, can pursue his lawsuit against the Boy Scouts of America despite not filing his original complaint until 2013. 

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